Netflix vs Amazon Prime vs Hulu: Which Is The Best Streaming Service Provider?

  Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu need no introduction when it comes to streaming. All these three platforms are the giants of the streaming industry. You might have certainly heard their name while searching for the best TV shows and movies streaming platform. Spread worldwide, all three of them provide amazing content and streaming services. People are readily adopting these streaming services and avoiding cable TV connections. But when we look for the best streaming platform, it can be only one. So which among these three is the best streaming platform? We have compared Netflix vs Amazon Prime vs Hulu below to find it out.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu are among the best rated streaming platforms across the world. They provide streaming content directly on your television without the need of cords and cables. Simply connect your TV to Wi-Fi and enjoy unlimited entertainment. If you are looking for latest TVs you can check our list of best 4k TVs and Best budget Televisions under $300.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime vs Hulu

1. Pricing

Pricing is one of the most important aspects of comparison. Netflix subscription depends upon the kind of resolution you want. The SD version will cost you just $8 monthly, while the HD version cost $11. If you want a 4k version, you have to pay $14/month. However, you can play only one screen at a time.

Amazon Prime is available for $13/month or $119/year. You can stream in any resolution you want with this pack. Besides, you will get other benefits like free 2 days delivery on orders from Amazon and early access to Amazon sales. Hence, you get to benefits in the same subscription back.

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Hulu has a $13 standard pack. However, you can opt for $40 pack which will give you access to the exclusive library and 50+ live TV channels. Additionally, you will get all the videos on demand.

2. Content

This is a category which matters the most to those who love streaming movies and TV series. However, Netflix is the undisputed leader in this matter. This is because it has a huge content library full of high rated films and TV shows from across the world. Netflix spends $13 billion and its content. Hence, you can imagine the range of content available on Netflix. Here is the list of best Netflix TV shows which you can watch. Besides, it has a number of originals which further enhances its library. The Netflix Originals are amazing and top rated.

Amazon Prime and Hulu, on the other hand, shows you only movies and TV series from other sources. However, you will find all top rated and the latest movies and TV shows on both these apps. Here is the list of best Amazon Prime Shows which you should watch right now.

3. Supported Devices

Netflix again tops the list when it comes to the widest range of supported devices. It is available almost on every device. Most televisions and casts have it inbuilt in their software. Hulu is also practically Available on almost all platforms. Moreover, it is the only stream service available on Nintendo Switch. Amazon considerably lacks behind in this category. This is because it is not available on the Google Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra. However, if you have Amazon fire TV stick, you can enjoy the casting feature and content of Amazon prime on your television.

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Netflix vs Amazon Prime vs Hulu: Which Is The Best Streaming Service Provider?

Concluding, Netflix is the undisputed leader of the streaming industry across the world. From content library to supported devices Netflix wins in all category. However, if field and free delivery is your concern along with streaming, you can opt for Amazon Prime.

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