Hulu Plus Download For Android, iOS And Windows

  Hulu is one of the most popular American videos on-demand streaming platform. You can watch the latest TV shows and videos on the Hulu app. From Fox to NBC, Hulu has got it all for you. The Hulu application is free to use. However, there is a premium version which offers you more content and features. The premium one is called the Hulu Plus. In this post, we will guide you through the steps to download Hulu plus. You can stream live TV shows of big brand channels on the Hulu Plus.

Hulu Plus has more than 9 million registered users in America itself. It became popular because of its rich content and live streaming abilities. It has tie-ups with various channels like Fox, discovery and many others to display their content on the Hulu Plus app. The best part is that you can download Hulu Plus on various platforms. It is available on Windows, IOS, and Android as well. Surprisingly, Hulu plus became the most viewed streaming platform after YouTube. Hence, you can imagine the widespread popularity of this app. It is a possible replacement for the Showbox app.

Hulu Plus Subscription

Hulu Plus is a paid streaming service. The Hulu platform is completely free to use. However, the upgraded version, that is the Hulu Plus is paid and gives you more features. You can choose between two packs, one is the Hulu subscription which cost $7.99, while other is Hulu showtime which cost $16.99. The basic subscription allows you to stream the videos only after 1 day of uploading date. Additionally, you can download the Hulu Plus application on as many devices as you want but you can access one app at a time.

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On the other hand, the Hulu showtime package gives you access to exclusive episodes uploaded by them. You will get all the latest on-demand videos and TV shows instantly. However, you can access only one app at a time. So choose your preferred pack and get started with Hulu Plus. Their exclusive content awaits you!

Features of Hulu Plus

  • The best part of this application is that it allows you to stream a wide variety of online content like the latest episodes and TV shows. Besides, you can watch movies from the Hulu collection.
  • Moreover, stream exclusive episodes from big brand names like box and Disney.
  • The application interface is simple to use and provides you with all the shortcuts on the home screen itself.
  • The showtime add-on further and answers the user experience.
  • You can directly stream on its website rather than downloading the application on your device.

Download Hulu Plus for Windows

Hulu Plus is very easy to download on any platform. It has recently launched its Windows application which comes with some amazing features. Hulu Plus has integrated itself that Cortana to provide you suggestions based on voice search. You can download and stream unlimited movies and TV shows on the Hulu plus windows application. Download Hulu Plus directly from the Microsoft store and access the amazing content on your Windows PC or laptop.

Download Hulu Plus for iOS

Downloading Hulu Plus is very simple on any iDevice. You can simply go to the iTunes or Apple Store to download the holly Plus application on your iOS device. Once, downloaded you just need to grant permissions and buy a pack to get started with unlimited streaming.

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Download Hulu Plus for Android

Downloading Hulu Plus application on your Android device is as simple as going to the play store and searching and for it. Simply click on download, and install it on your Android device. Grant app permissions and get started with unlimited streaming.

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