These 5 Best Smart TVs Under $300 Can Make You Look Like A Genius!

These 5 Best Smart TVs Under $300 Can Make You Look Like A Genius!

   Televisions are considered to be highly priced luxury home goods. However, you will be shocked to know that nowadays you can get a smart television for under $300. Isn’t that amazing? Nowadays, televisions add something more then what it used to be. Couple of years ago televisions were known only to run on cable networks. But things have changed drastically now. You can now stream Live television channels, watch movies, listen to music, surf social media websites and even play games on your smart televisions. We have picked up the best Smart TVs available in the market under the $300 segment.

Televisions are like smartphones with a huge screen. The latest smart TV Technology allows you to do anything which you can do on a normal smartphone be it gaming or chatting live on Skype with your friends and family. However, many people have a might that the smart TV or highly priced and out of the budget. To remove this misconception from the mind of most people we have bought the list of best Smart TVs available in the market and $300.

Best Smart TVs Under $300

1. TCL 1080p Roku Smart Tv

This is the first TV in all list of best televisions under $300.  If you have earlier used Roku you will love this television, because it is its integration by TCL. The best part is that you don’t even need a streaming box to watch your favorite shows. Roku directly helps you access more than half a million movies and live TV shows from around the world. Moreover, enjoy all content on of 40 inches full HD screen with the TCL Roku television.

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2. TCL 4k Roku Smart Tv

This is the latest 2018 edition of the above mentioned TCL Roku Smart TV. If you want to upgrade from a full HD to Ultra HD this is the best option. It comes with the premium 4K display which has much more pixels compared to the previous version. So stream your favorite content on a 43-inch Ultra HD display screen. It is one of the cheapest 4k TV available on the market.

3. Samsung 720p Television

In case you are looking for a small TV precisely 32 inches, for your bedroom or living room, then Samsung has a perfect match for you. The Samsung 720p television allows you to stream movies without the need for a third party streaming box. You can directly use the Wi-Fi and connect to the Samsung hub to watch all the popular shows and movies. The picture is crisp and satisfying even after being 720p.

4. LG 720p Television

This is a cheap alternative to the Samsung television. The best part about this television is that it allows you to set up a smart home. By Smart home, we mean that you can connect all devices as Amazon echo to this television. Additionally, you can stream live shows using the LG webOS. The picture quality is decent for this price range and you will enjoy spending your free time watching movies on this television.

5. Toshiba Fire Smart Tv

This is another great choice if you are looking for a smart home setup. Toshiba fire Smart TV is compatible with Amazon echo and Amazon Fire TV stick. Also, this is the cheapest television in our list of best televisions under $300. It has a 720p display with amazing picture quality and contrast levels. Moreover, there is another version of this television which comes with a 4K display and still available under the $300 range. So if you are looking for a large and 4K Television you can consider the new edition of this Toshiba television. You can stream your favorite TV shows on popular platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and many others.

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