Minecraft Earth: All You Need To Know About The Upcoming AR Game For Mobile

                 Minecraft Earth AR Game unveiled: The Minecraft team at Microsoft is all set to launch a new augmented reality game for Android and IOS devices. The name of the game will be Minecraft Earth. It is a Minecraft game designed exclusively for smartphones and will be powered by augmented reality. Many people were offered to try the beta version of the game. We have already tried the Minecraft earth game and therefore, we have come up with some quick facts about the game which you would like to go through. Below are all the details about the gameplay and requirements.

Minecraft Earth AR Game unveiled; Know Its Facts

 1. It requires Augmented reality

Pokemon Go is a mixture of virtual and augmented reality. The game doesn’t necessarily require AR. However, the new Minecraft game for smartphones is different because it necessarily requires augmented reality. The game will use the real-time map data in order to run the game. Hence, you will have to hold your phone up in order to play the game and the camera is a must.

2. The Overworld will look familiar

Minecraft earth will give you a real-time virtual experience of the surrounding. It uses the real-time map data in order to build up your own private virtual world. The blocks are quite similar to what you find on the previous Minecraft Games. You can also move around the map and tab On The revolt section when you get a popup. This is generally when you are very close to a reward. They are called tapables. It is quite similar to Pokemon go and other augmented reality games. However, Minecraft and shirts that these are located at public places and not essentially the private residence or business parks. They also take care of the busy roads. Hence, you can find tapables in suitable places. The tapables of various kinds of rewards like blocks, animals or some rare items.

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3. The AR Adventures are Unique

Tables are not the only thing that you will find on the map. There different kinds of adventures and activities which can be located on the map too. This is worn Minecraft Earth becomes unique and separates itself from other games. Adventures are really amazing and are often found at public parks and places. For instance, you might suddenly find an adventure while walking in the park. There you will find a block placed in the park. On touching it, you will be taken to a special adventure which might be a cave in which you will have to kill or solve the puzzle.

4. Free to play and Micro Transactions are slim

My love earth game is absolutely free to play. The microtransaction which involves the statement of things bought and sold are slim. Additionally, the developers have ensured that the game doesn’t mean play to win. There is no PvP mode too. However, the exact methodology still remains a secret. But we will get to know it as the game is released officially.

5. Can You Craft?

Yes, you can obviously craft. The new game will drop the conventional 3 by 3 grid craft. However, what can be crafted and what materials can be used for crafting still remains suspense because it hasn’t been made public yet. So let’s wait for another few months to get complete clarity.

6. What is beta and how to join?

This is basically the free trial of the game that the developers will use for testing. Users can apply to get registered for the beta version. It is going to be launched for both Android and IOS devices this summer. Moreover, the developers are planning to enroll a few thousand users. Hence, the chances of getting selected are high.

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