Here Is The Complete iPad Buying Guide; Find The Right Tablet For You!

Here Is The Complete iPad Buying Guide; Find The Right Tablet For You!

       There are quite a few numbers of iPads available in the market right now. Hence, choosing out the correct one for you is a bit hard. It actually depends on the reason why you are by this iPad. iPads are used by many people for multiple purposes. Some people used these iPads to son please play games and watch movies. However, there are organizations which use iPads for business and other corporate offices. Hence, you must know which one will suit your needs better. This is why we are here with a complete guide to buy the right iPad.

A Guide to buying iPad

1. iPad ($330)

This iPad is a perfect one for almost everyone and for any purpose. Additionally, the iPad 2018 is one of the most affordable iPad ever launched by Apple. You can get for around $330. It has a 9.7-inch retina display with 2048 × 1436 resolutions. Hence, it is amazing for watching movies and other such things. Moreover, this iPad is powered by the Apple A10 processor. The battery also goes hand in hand and offers up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge. Hence, it is best for people who are looking for a big screen with a good battery backup.

We found iPad 2018 to be much better and faster compared to its predecessor. Additionally, this device supports the Apple pen. Hence, it would be amazing for people who love drawing or need the iPad for some work like architecture. Although it is available for a cheap rate, finding cons is very difficult. It is amazing for day to day work and other entertainment stuff. However, if you buy an iPad for office purpose, you must have a look at the iPad Pro range.

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2. iPad Mini 4 ($440)

The iPad Mini 4 is a good choice for people who are looking for a small version. However, it is more or less similar to its predecessor, iPad Mini 3. It is forward by the Apple A8 processor and has a relatively small screen. The screen resolution is 2048 × 1536 and battery life is also 10 hours. Hence, you can match the specifications easily. The small size of this iPad makes it portable and convenient for people who love carrying them while traveling.

It packs an 8 MP camera at the rear side and supports split below. Apple devices never fail to satisfy the need of gaming multitasking even if it has no specifications. Hence, you can go for the iPad Mini 4 even if you want to play heavy games.

3. iPad Pro ($800)

The iPad Pro is a flagship model of the iPad series. It has the best in class features and has been updated compared to the last version. The face ID to unlock screen has been enhanced. Moreover, there are many added features in the 2018 version of iPad Pro. It is available in two versions. One has an 11-inch display, while, the other one has a 12.9-inch display. The Pro in the name itself means that it has been made for professionals who are looking for doing hardcore work.

4. iPad Pro 10.5 (650$)

The iPad Pro 10.5 is nothing but a successor of the iPad Pro 9.7. Only the screen size was increased from 9.7 to 10.5. It is powered by the Apple A10x processor and offers a number of storage option. Moreover, it has a 12-megapixel camera at the rear side, whereas, a 7-megapixel camera on the front part. However, it does not support face ID for unlocking the device. The screen resolution is 2224 × 1668. Hence, is amazing for watching movies and TV shows. Moreover, Being from the iPad Pro lineup, it is built for professional work in offices. It also supports the Apple pen.

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