Looking For The Best 4K Ultra HD TVs To Buy? Here Are The Great Options

Looking For The Best 4K Ultra HD TVs To Buy? Here Are The Great Options

  The latest 4K Ultra HD display TVs are trending nowadays. They are the best televisions out there in the market at this point in time. 4k TVs have been dominant in the entertainment industry. This is particularly because of the amazing features which come along with these televisions. Additionally, gaming consoles like Xbox One X which supports the 4K display have further boosted the sales of 4K UHD TVs. Are you looking for the best 4k TV in the market right now? Here is our list of best 4K TVs on the market.

The 4K Technology brings colors to life. The sharp picture quality and amazing sound output have made it readily popular in recent years. However, different companies sell different types of 4K TVs. Besides, there are a lot of differences between 4k TVs, based on their display panel. If you are willing to stream the latest Netflix and Amazon Prime movies, and TV series on a crystal clear display, 4k Tv is what you want. Moreover, you can enjoy the latest games on the Ultra HD screen using the Xbox One X. You can pick up any one of the below mentioned 4k TV.

Best 4k TVs available in the market


This is the best 4K UHD television on our list. The OLED panel of the LG 4k TV for the enhances the color contrast and backlighting. OLED is the latest technology in which the diodes emit colors as well as light. Therefore, it is like icing on top of the cake. OLED is a patent of LG company. Hence, you must buy the LG c8 for amazing 4K views. Moreover, the viewing angles are extremely amazing and show no difference even when viewed from 56 degrees. The price range of this LG TV is around $2500-$3500.

2. Sony Master Series A9F OLED

Sony OLED TVs have also become a lot popular like the LG OLEDs. The 4k Technology becomes even better when it is combined with an OLED display. Sony is one of the most trusted television brands. Sony has used the latest technology in which the speakers are installed on the back of the screen itself, making the device extremely thin. Moreover, the sound quality is not at all compromised.

3. Samsung QLED TV

Samsung has promoted its QLED display a lot in recent years. Therefore, experts don’t believe that Samsung will introduce a new OLED model in the 4k TV range. The Samsung q LED 4K TV has a bright light output and premium sound Technology. However, they lack behind its competitors considerably when it comes to viewing angles. QLED is not at all comparable with OLED in terms of display and viewing angles.


This is one of the most famous 4K device available in the market. It became very popular even before it was launched, because of the huge brand name, Roku. It is a good performer in the budget range. You can use the latest Roku platform to stream movies. You do not have to compromise on the sound quality and the sharp picture mode. Available for $650 to $1000.

5. Philips 4K UHD OLED

Philips is yet another trusted company in the television business. The sleek design of the Philips 4K OLED television gives at a premium and classy look. The three-sided viewing angle makes it the perfect member of a large living room. Additionally, it is compatible with the Philips hue ambient lighting Technology which makes it even more attractive at this rate. It’s only drawbacks is the HDMI port. We say this because there are only two full specified HDMI ports.

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