Some Common Problems Of Xbox One X And How To Fix Them?

  There is no dispute in the fact that Xbox one x is the most powerful gaming console ever created. The full HD view of the games enhances the experience of gamers. The Xbox One X loves you to play games in Ultra HD and 4K modes. It provides more than 60 FPS in any high definition game. However, the users started facing some small problems while playing games on the Xbox One X. These problems can be irritating at times. Hence, you must read our guide to all the problems on the Xbox One X and the methods of solving them.

The problem is started coming and as soon as the Xbox One X was launched back in 2017. It faces some major issues only some games. Here is a guide on how to fix the trouble you are facing while playing games on the Xbox One X.

Some Common Problems of Xbox One X

Unable to display in the 4k mode

Most of the time users complain that the games are not displaying in the 4k mode. However, in most cases, users are not able to do the right settings to enable the 4k mode. You must check that the game you are running supposes the 4K resolution or not. Besides, you should connect to your 4k TV using a high-speed HDMI cable. A slow HDMI cable might be the reason why you are not being able to see your content in 4K mode. It is advised to use the HDMI cable which comes in-box with the Xbox One X.

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Unusual Shut Down

Many users complained that their Xbox One X terms of while playing some games. This is one of the most disappointing and annoying things across which a gamer comes. Imagine playing your favorite game and the screen turns out in the middle. It feels extremely disappointed in such situations. However, there are some solutions to this problem. First of all, you must check all the plugs and power cable of the Xbox One X. Make sure that the plugs do not fit loosely in the sockets. If the problem still continues, you should pack your Xbox One X and send it back to Microsoft for replacement or repairing.

Forceful Upgradation

One of the most irritating features of the Xbox One X is that it forces you to upgrade all the games. You how to upgrade to the latest version before playing any game. This wastes a lot of time and bandwidth of users. Updating games are important, but forcing gamers to upgrade in between is a problem.

Controller Button

Sometimes the central button of the controller might not turn on even after plugging in the device to your TV. The problem doesn’t get solved even after swapping the batteries of the controller. However, you can try this types given below to solve this Xbox One X problem. Press the power button and turn off the device. Now, reboot directly using the controller. This solves the problem in most cases. If you still face the same issue, you can consider following thus step again.

Game installation error

Many users face this trouble while installing games on the Xbox one X. The game installation fails every time you try to do so, which is frustrating. If you are using a drive to install the game on your Xbox One X, you can consider rebooting advice and reinserting the drive. This solution box in most such cases. Other then this, you will not face game installation problems on the Xbox One X. If it happens again, you should follow the above-mentioned steps again.

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