Best Tv Shows On Amazon Prime You Should Watch Right Now

Best Tv Shows On Amazon Prime You Should Watch Right Now

  Amazon is chasing Netflix with its original series. Do you love watching TV series? Well, Amazon prime is the latest platform where you can watch thousands of new original TV series, just like Netflix. Launched in 2017, Amazon Prime has gone a deep way down in all of us. It started rolling out its own original TV series. Earlier, Netflix was known to be the sole player in the TV series industry. However, Amazon launched its Amazon Prime platform to overtake Netflix. Here are the latest and best Amazon Prime original TV shows which you should start watching today itself.

Best tv shows On Amazon Prime

1. Comrade Detective

Comrade detective takes you back to the 80’s cinemas and action. It is a makeover of a Romania TV show. It depicts the time of cold war from the communist point of view. You will be amazed to see this patriotic film, where a group of the detective trying to find a plot by the western imperials to suppress the communists. The entire tv show is directed beautifully and is absolutely worth a watch. It is the best Amazon Prime TV show on our list.

2. Family Tree

This Amazon Prime TV show depicts a lovable loser who keeps on searching for his family no matter what. It is an emotional thriller in which the actor tries to find his family with the help of his friend and aunt. As the name suggests, he has to solve the entire family tree in order to reach the roots. In his journey, he follows many wrong paths yet overcomes and then shoot for the right path. Hence, giving a message of how one can overcome failures.

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3. Sesame Street

This TV show was made with a mission of spreading education. It is a perfect example of beauty, which Amazon Prime brings to us. Sesame Street shows its viewers the need for emotions and ethics in this world full of pins. The story plays around in preaching the necessity of moral values in today’s generation.

4. The Expanse

This amazing Amazon Prime TV show depicts the future of humans who have colonized every portion of the solar system. It revolves around the fact that threatens to wipe out the human race completely. The Expanse shows a mirror to humans and the paths we are leading to. Hence, it shows how the entire human race can be wiped out in the process of expanding its colonies.

5. Rescue Me

This is a serious and emotional Amazon Prime TV show which is officially aired on the FX network. It shows the reality of firefighters in New York City. The TV show depicts how a firefighter leads an unbalanced life when he is off duty. Most parts of their day go in drinking alcohol. It tries to put forth a message about depression and anxiety. Additionally, it shows us the importance of fighting depression, in a society which is in danger of getting wiped out because of this disease.

6. Tumble Leaf

This Amazon Prime TV show is the perfect way Amazon entered the children TV shows segment. It is the perfect example of what the children TV shows are meant for. It also never fails to entertain the adults who want to engage with their children at an advanced level. Hence, we added this Amazon prime TV show on our list.

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7. Shaun the Sheep

A simple yet powerful TV show by Amazon for children. Shaun the sheep is one of the most popular children’s TV show which remains free from dialogues and shows basic comedy. Therefore, it attracts those parents who want to keep their children away from fancy and those TV shows which promote makeup and charm with no connection to reality. Moreover, It is based on simple animations and never fails to amaze children.

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