Netfilx’s Must Watch TV Shows 2018: Top 6 best TV Series (New List)

 Top 6 TV Series To watch in 2018 Netflix has got something for everyone, it’s the best platform to watch movies and TV series. Bored? Just open Netflix and choose from across thousands of movies and award-winning TV series. From horrors to romantic to thrillers Netflix has got it all for you. So don’t wait and just start watching the best TV series of Netflix.

Confused between what to watch? Don’t worry we have listed all-time highest rated Netflix TV series below. Choose the series of your choice and get started.

Top 6 Netflix TV series 2018

1. Breaking Bad

If you are among the one who hasn’t yet watched the Netflix TV series, Breaking Bad then we strongly suggest you, watch this award-winning Netflix TV web series. It still maintains an IMDb rating of 9.5 and is undoubtedly among the most viewed TV series on Netflix.

Breaking bad will go a long way down in the history to create its name as one of the “most influential” TV series. It begins with a woman being diagnosed with cancer and the courage she shows to move forward in life. It is a mixture of emotion, twist, and a nail-biting thriller.


We are sure you might have come across this name at least once while surfing the social media. Believe me, the hype is not at all misleading, it is worth all the hype. In this generation where talking about pre-marital affairs is sensitive, such a series goes a long way in educating people about everything a teenager should know, from affairs to divorce and infertility. The topics are treated sensitively but with the irreverence befitting a sitcom. It has an IMDb rating of 8.9.

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This Netflix TV series is more like a movie. A perfection in terms of a thriller, Mindhunter depicts how a normal day to day human like us can turn into a serial killer. It is so interesting that you will want to watch the whole season in one day itself.

The plot revolves around FBI profiling, to understand what exactly is the psychology behind becoming a serial killer and what happiness it gives to them. Apart from having a psychological plot, the director doesn’t fail to make it funny at times.

4. Legends Of Tomorrow

If you are an adventure lover this series is surely for you. The third season has been launched recently and believe me, it’s among the top rate Netflix web series in the adventures section. It depicts a picture of togetherness, “A family working together,” Team on a mission. It is a mixture of drama, adventure, and joy.

The first season starts with a bit of romantic melodrama, the second season takes a serious momentum and the third is joy, fun, and mission.

5. The West Wing

Probably the best dramatic and funny Netflix TV series with a mixture of the lesson on the duties of an individual and sarcasm.

This popular Netflix web series actually shows the “behind scenes of the white house.” It’s has hilarious comedy, moving drama and charming love all rolled into one.

6. Hap And Leonard

It is a story about to unlikely friends – one white, a cowboy and another black Vietnam vet. It’s a must watch for action loving people. So if you want to watch a Netflix TV series full of action along with sensual comedy then Hap and Leonard series is the one.

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Each season is a complete story, just like a novel, which makes a complete and satisfying binge. The backend is full of comedy, love, heartbreaks, and beauty of nature, the landscape is all worth a watch.

These are the top 6 Netflix TV series which we have listed today and are a must watch. So start these web series on Netflix right away and grab your entertainment cup.

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