TOEFL vs TOEIC: Which Is The Best English Proficiency Test?

   The importance of English proficiency exam is growing day by day for admission to foreign universities. Every foreign university specially and the US requires foreign students to appear for an English proficiency test. However, there are a number of such tests Available. So which one should you choose? You should practically appear for the examination which has a more widespread value and is somewhat easy for you to crack. TOEFL & IELTS the most popular English proficiency test in the US. However, there is some easier alternative like TOEIC. So let’s compare TOEFL vs TOEIC.

TOEIC mostly an English proficiency test for professionals. It is taken by those seeking for working visa in some foreign country. However, recently found out that a good number of universities in the United States accept TOEIC as an English proficiency test. It is considered somewhat easier than TOEFL and IELTS. Additionally, TOEIC is based on business communication and not on academics English. Hence, it is believed to be much easier. Clearing TOEIC will give you both an option to work in a foreign country or take admission in a foreign university.


Difficulty Level

Every exam has its own standard and the difficulty levels may vary from year to year. However, we can judge them on a general basis. Both TOEFL and TOEIC are divided into 4 sections, namely, listening, speaking, writing and reading. However, TOEIC has a section called bridge. TOEIC is based on business English rather than academics. Business English is often straightforward and easy compared to the typical academic version of the English language. On the other hand, TOEFL Is a typical academics based English proficiency test which goes through in-depth syllabus along with an interview round. Hence, TOEIC is the winner in case of difficulty level.

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Both TOEFL and TOEIC have their own fulfillment criteria. Both of them are quite well known. However, the difference comes when we compare the purpose they serve. TOEFL is mostly accepted by universities for undergraduate programs. Whereas, TOEIC is accepted by universities offering postgraduate programs especially in business and analytics. If you are seeking admission for MBA, then TOEIC is a better choice. Moreover, TOEIC also allows you to work in a foreign country. We also found that a good number of universities accept TOEIC for undergraduate programs too. Hence, both are equally accepted depending upon what course are you going to study.


One of the major factors that play a role in deciding the best English proficiency exam is its availability and convenience. TOEFL is the undisputed winner in this category because it has hundreds of examination centers in every country across the world. Whereas, TOEIC has a limited number of examination centers and is available only infamous cities of the country. There only 50 examination centers in the United States. Hence, it is difficult for many people to take this examination.


Both TOEFL and TOEIC has approximately the same examination fees. Fees don’t play a dominant role in comparison when it comes to studies. Students want admission in the best college and them unlikely to spend any amount on the examination fees and books. Hence, pricing is not much important here.


Both TOEFL and TOEIC top-level English proficiency test. The availability of examination centers in the various region gives TOEFL an upper hand. Moreover, TOEFL is much more widely accepted in comparison to TOEIC. It is accepted mostly in the United States only. Both the exams have around the same examination fees and policies. Hence, if you are looking for admission to school or undergraduate program at a foreign university then go for TOEFL. Whereas, if you are planning to do a Masters in business analytics or work in a foreign country then go for TOEIC.

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