TOEFL Test: Eligibility, Registration, Fees And Examination Pattern

  TOEFL is the most common English proficiency test accepted across the world. This test is conducted by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). The motive of TOEFL is to test the English skills and abilities of non-English speaking people through a reading, writing, listening, and speaking session. If you want to study abroad you have to clear TOEFL along with other important exams depending upon your subject. Here is how to register and prepare for the TOEFL exam.

TOEFL is most important for those seeking admission to universities in America. Many students have the misconception that like most other exams TOEFL is held once or twice in a year. Hence, they ask that when is the TOEFL 2018 exam. However, students need to get it clear that TOEFL Test is conducted almost every week and you can give it any day you want.

TOEFL Test Eligibility Criteria

There are no such eligibility criteria mentioned by ETS. Anyone who is seeking admission in a foreign land or English speaking country can apply for this test. TOEFL is mostly taken by students seeking admission in US Universities. It is just an exam to test your English skills. Anyone who has passed 10 or 12 can take TOEFL exam.

How to Register For TOEFL Exam?

There are four ways to register for the TOEFL examination. You can register via online mode, phone, mail or directly in the center. The TOEFL examination can be taken throughout the year. Registration should be done at least 7 days before the examination date. Here are the steps to register for the examination online.

  • Go to the official TOEFL website
  • there click on register now
  • now select your country and state.
  • You will be displayed all the test centers in your city. Choose the one in which you want to give the examination. Hence, Choose carefully.
  • After choosing the examination center you will see a number of dates.
  • Choose any date on which you want to give the TOEFL exam.
  • The fees are also displayed alongside
  • Once you select the examination center you are taken to the form.
  • Fill the entire form with correct details
  • Then proceed to pay online.
  • Once paid your admit card will be generated or mailed to you.
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TOEFL Fees Structure

The fees structure is not fixed for the exam. It where is from location to location. However, the base price varies from $180 to $220. Students have to pay, for additional benefits like late registration, score review and exam rescheduling. Below are the fees for these features.

  • Late registration fees: $40
  • exam reschedule: $60
  • score review fees: $20

Students have to register 7 days before the examination date. However, they can also register until 4 days before the examination date by paying the late registration fine. If for some reason you cannot attend the exam on the date for which you have registered, you have the option to reschedule it. You just need to pay the rescheduling fees.

TOEFL Examination Pattern

The TOEFL examination is divided into four categories namely reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The marks allotted perception differs from paper to paper. Below are the no. Of questions category wise.

  • Reading: 36-56 questions
  • Writing: 2 tasks
  • Listening: 34-53 questions
  • Speaking: 6 tasks

You must go through the entire examination pattern of the TOEFL thoroughly. The exam does not necessarily have rich vocabulary questions. They can be as simple as articles also. However, we do not recommend you to take the exam lightly as your career depends upon it.

The TOEFL score is available on their website, 10 days after your examination. They send the scores directly to the institutes you select. However, a maximum of 4 institutes can be selected for sending scores.

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