Online MBA Program: Is Getting An Online MBA Degree Worth It?

         Six years ago, no one wouldn’t be discussing online degrees. Today students of willing to take up online degrees be it, Masters or bachelors. So is an online MBA degree worth it? We have laid down a detailed discussion on the worth of an online MBA degree.

When it comes to online MBAs, one of the first question prospective business school students often ask is, “Is an online MBA degree real?” Some are concerned about whether the reputation of an online business school is impressive enough to land a job or whether potential employees will take it seriously.

Is an Online MBA Degree Worth It?

Everyone has his or her own unique needs. Depending on your priorities and unique needs there are both upside and downside to an online business school. let’s see the primary pros and cons you should consider while wondering whether to go for an online MBA program or not.

Benefits Of Online MBA Program

1. Study While You Work

The online MBA program is one of the best options for those working professionals or students who want to advance their careers. Flexibility is one of the key reasons that students choose online MBA programs. You can study anywhere at any time. So no need of traveling here and there to get an MBA degree. Simply set back at your home or maybe an office and complete your MBA program.

The best thing about an online MBA is that you can complete the course in a lesser time depending upon your skills and ability. Hence, this kind of flexibility is especially useful to those who have a career and are looking for supplements to enhance the skills in a particular area.

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2. Lower Cost

If you are conscious about the cost of an MBA degree then an online MBA is the best option for you. An MBA course in most Business schools costs thousands of dollars. However, you can get an online MBA degree at a much cheaper rate. You get the convenience of studying whenever you want and wherever you want, at much lesser tuition fees.

3. International Faculty and Students

Many students have the dream to complete an MBA from a foreign institution. However, it may not be possible for all to fulfill their dream. Many online MBA programs have faculties from around the world. Interacting with instructors and colleagues from so many regions and backgrounds can enrich you professionally and personally, as you diversify your knowledge base and potentially find new opportunities to explore in other locations are digitally after you graduate.

Drawbacks of Online MBA Degree

1. Fewer Internship Opportunities

One of the biggest reasons why students prefer to study in an offline Business School is to make offline interaction with people and make connections. The online students don’t participate in on-campus clubs or projects that frequently bring tears and mentors together at traditional MBA programs. Also, the online MBA schools offer very less or almost no internship opportunities. However, this is not a matter of concern for those who are already working professionals.

2. Less Recognition

Online MBA Degrees are often seen as incompetent by most companies. They believe that networking and managerial responsibilities cannot be taught in through a computer, it requires practical knowledge. To an extent, it is true that online candidates fail to learn the art of making connections and bending people to their will.

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When it comes to job placements and internships, most of the students are not offered employment opportunities equal to the regular counterpart from the same Institute.

Conclusion: Should you do your MBA online?

An online MBA program will not be right for you if you don’t have much work experience. However, it is ideal for students who have a busy career and who cannot travel much for attending an offline MBA program.

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