Study In Canada: Reason, Eligibility And Visa Details

Study In Canada: Reason, Eligibility And Visa Details

    Studying in a foreign university is a dream so many students across the world. Canada is one of those favorite destinations of students for higher studies. However, Canada comes after its neighbors, like the United States and the United Kingdom, in the ranking. Still, Canada attracts a large number of students every year from across the world. We all know how exciting it is to start studying in a foreign country. However, Studying in a foreign country like Canada required a lot of research. This is mainly because you should have certain knowledge about the standards of living, types of the language spoken, and type of universities you will get there. Below are the reasons to study in Canada.

A study in Canada: All you need to know

Canada is affordable

Canada is counted among the most fordable countries, in terms of studies. The tuition fees are very less compared to other universities of the United States and the United Kingdom. However, it is not free like Germany. Moreover, the cost of living is also somewhat cheaper compared to other countries. However, the cost of living in depends upon the area in which you will stay. Major cities are a bit expensive compared to the outskirts.


Many universities of Canada aerated as the best universities in the world. No wonder, Canada attracts a large number of students every year to study there. Most universities are popular for the postgraduate programs in business administration and other fields like arts and science. Additionally, many universities are known for the world-class infrastructure and research. Research is an important aspect of any such University. Hence, you can Study in Canada, for availing all these features.

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Official Languages

There are two official languages spoken in Canada. One is English and the other is French. Both the language is widely spoken in the count. French being an official language is surprising for most international students. This is mainly because there are many French residences in Canada. Therefore, you should understand basic French to adjust and places which have a high population of French-speaking people.

Eligibility to Study in Canada

There are certain criteria switch you have to fulfill in order to study in Canada. You must have an adequate score in the English proficiency test like TOEFL or IELTS. Moreover, they are the eligibility criteria for admission is subjected to college or university in which you are applying. Other then the English proficiency exam, you need a student visa for Canada. If you plan to continue working in Canada, you will require a professional working visa.

Scholarships For International Students

International students can avail many scholarships depending upon the skills and marks he has. There Armani examinations for scholarship programs conducted by the specific universities. Hence, you can save your money by trying your luck and showing your skills in this examination.

Technology & Campus Life

Canada is one of the most modern countries in the world. Hence, you can expect a complete modern faculty along with modern teaching techniques. Most of the universities in Canada or fully digitalized and have the latest technologies which make it favorable for students to study in Canada.

Moreover, the campus life is amazing for students. This is because of the wide range of students you will find on the campus. You will learn a lot from people from different cultures. Different people will give you modes of networking. Networking is very important in terms of studies and career. Students get to learn a lot from students of various backgrounds and cultures. The majority of students in Canada are Asian. Therefore, be ready to learn a lot about Asian culture.

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