Here Is The List Of Top 6 Engineering Universities in Canada

               Engineering is one of the most pursued courses across the world. You might be aware of the fact that five out of ten students in the world pursue engineering. Hence, you can estimate how important and effective this subject is. Future is almost about digitalization. From electric vehicles to different information Technology related startups, the future has got a lot to do with this Technology driven stuff. Who is going to develop technological innovations? It is the upcoming engineers who are going to uplift these things. Hence, we have come up with the top 6 engineering Universities in Canada.

Canada is one of the most attractive destinations for studying engineering. This is because Canada ranks among the top 6 Best countries to offer engineering degrees. The Canadian universities are well established and have a very old and reputed image in this field. Hence, if you are looking for the best engineering colleges in Canada, refer to the list of universities given below. the Canadian universities are known for their Technology has driven education system and a great focus on the live implementation of these engineering studies. Hence, you can choose any one of the following best engineering colleges in Canada to pursue your course.

Is Engineering the right choice?

It is completely on an individual if he wants to pursue this course or not. If you have a passion for anything, you can pursue that without any second thought. However, if playing around with technical things is your cup of tea, consider doing engineering. Are you are Technology driven individual who wants to change the way we see and look around to Technology? Engineering course will help you to polish up all the basics and give you a clear understanding of what the industry requires. Hence, it will be beneficial for you as well as society as a whole.

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Top 6 Engineering Universities in Canada

1. University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is no doubt the best university in Canada. It has been winning the University Of The Year award from several years now. It has more than 16 campuses spread across in Ontario. There are more than 8000 students in the undergraduate program from different countries. Moreover, the professors are hired directly from the industry. Hence, you can imagine the education quality that you would get had the best engineering college in Canada.

2. University Of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is the second most famous university in Canada. It is very well known for its Research and scientific studies. There are more than 10 engineering courses available under the curriculum of the British Columbia University.

3. University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is ranked among the top 50 engineering colleges across the world. The faculty is rich and knowledge and chooses various technical methods for teaching the course. The University is also very famous for its research partnership which helps the students in getting an industry driven learning platform.

4. McGill University

This university’s engineering department has been ranked among the top 5 engineering colleges of Canada. The faculty is very innovative and has proven the worth of their guidance over the number of yours.

5. University of Alberta

This is the another best engineering university in Canada. It is most famous for its research works which are published by the teachers and students. There are more than 8 undergraduate Engineering programs offered by this university. It ranks among the top 10 Canadian universities to attract the most number of applications from abroad.

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6. Queen’s University

This university is well known for its faculty and Research works which have been published in the recent past. The University has a glorious past and has produced some excellent quality engineers. You can choose from various undergraduate engineering programs.

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