What Is A Good IELTS Score For Admission To The US Universities

What Is A Good IELTS Score For Admission To The US Universities

  IELTS is one of the largest and most take in English proficiency test. It ensures admission to foreign universities where the English language is a must. It is most famous for taking admission in universities in the US and Canada. You need to score well in your IELTS exam to get admission in a top rated University in the US. Confused between the minimum scores in IELTS?  There is nothing such as a minimum score in the IELTS exam. It depends upon the individual University. Below is the list of good IELTS score and universities which accept them.

Studying abroad brings you multiple benefits that can add wings to your career. Hence, securing a good IELTS score is very important in order to get admission to a top-rated college or university in the US. All the top colleges in the US have criteria of IELTS score. However, there are some universities which take admissions even if the IELTS score is average. As we said earlier, it depends upon the individual University to set a minimum IELTS score requirement.

Many students do not get a good score in the IELTS exam. Hence, they often search that is it possible to get admission in a college which accepts average IELTS score. But they actually forgot to note that what is the difference between a good and average IELTS score. How much exactly is the good IELTS score? We have divided the scores category wise so that you can understand the difference between the good and average IELTS score.

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Good IELTS scores For US Universities Admission

All the US universities have a different set of criteria of IELTS scores. The top 3 universities in the United States of America have a below set of minimum IELTS score requirement.

  • The California Institute of Technology Requires a minimum of 7 scores in IELTS.
  • The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Requires a minimum of 7 scores in IELTS.
  • Harvard requires 7.5 scores in IELTS. However, it may vary between different streams.

Most top-rated colleges and universities in the US requires a minimum score of 6.5 in the IELTS exam. Therefore, the good score ranges from 6.5 and above. The average score is a score between 4-6. There how many colleges which accept admission even if you have an average IELTS score. Hence, you can consider them anytime if you do not score well. You can also be taken the IELTS exam to improve your score further. The main focus of the students should be to increase his English proficiency and not score.

How to get a good score in IELTS?

Most students take English subject for granted. They think that they can give the exam by simply studying only one day. However, this is extremely Falls and the lead to a very poor score in IELTS exam. IELTS is a very high-level English proficiency test, just like TOEFL. Therefore, you need to prepare well before using it for the exam. There is no negative marking in the IELTS exam. Hence, you should guess the answer even if you do not know. This is recommended only when you have sufficient time to complete the other questions which you know.

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You need to prepare well for the interview round. There you have to speak as much as you can to get a good score from the examiner. This is where your personality is taken into consideration. Even if you are an introvert, you should try and speak as much as you can show that the examiner doesn’t get the clue that you do not know English well. You can practice this by standing in front of a mirror and speaking continuously in English for 5 minutes.

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