PTE Exam: Registration, Eligibility, Fees And Examination Pattern

PTE Exam: Registration, Eligibility, Fees And Examination Pattern

  PTE is a well known English testing examination just like IELTS and TOEFL. It stands for the Pearson Test of English. However, it can be distinguished from IELTS and TOEFL in many ways. At focus more on the day to day English rather than high-level English speaking skills. Hence, scoring PTE exam is much work convenient. IELTS and TOEFL, on the other hand, focuses on high-level English proficiency testing. Hence, opting for PTE is a better option. Below you will find all the details of PTE exams including registration, eligibility, exam pattern and fees.

English proficiency examinations are very important for those students who are seeking admission in foreign universities. These tests are conducted throughout the year and are more convenient for students who are in a rush. You should be aware of the exam pattern, eligibility, and fees beforehand. PTE Test is recognized by the government of many countries like New Zealand, Australia etc. There is a multilevel grading system in this examination, which helps in better understanding of the English proficiency of a student.

PTE Exam Eligibility Criteria

A student must be at least 16 years old to sit for the PTE exam. All students below the age of 18 have to get a consent letter sign from their parents or guardians. Anyone across the world can take up the PTE exam, irrespective of the country. There is no as such academic background score or percentage required for this exam. You can take PTE exam unlimited number of times.

How to Register for the PTE Exam?

  • Visit the official Pearson website to fill up the form
  • Now enter your name email id and mobile number
  • Then click on signup and I agree
  • after that, you will receive an email within 48 hours which will contain your login credentials.
  • Log in using the receive credentials on the Pearson website
  • Scroll and locate the English test
  • click on select this examination
  • Now fill up the examination center, date and time slot you want to appear on.
  • Now click on proceed to checkout and pay the examination fees
  • you will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours with all the details.
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All master cards Visa Card and debit cards are accepted for payment. However, there is no PayPal option to pay the examination fees. You can also pay it using a gift voucher, supposed that it has enough funds.

PTE Examination Fees

Examination fees are around $200. However, it varies from location to location and also depends upon the examination center you choose. Besides, there are many other fees like cancellation and reschedule.

  • If you reschedule the examination before 7 days then you have to pay 25% of the examination fees for next exam.
  • Canceling before 7 days of examination: 50% of the examination fees will be refunded.
  • Rescheduling exam within 7 days: pay 100% examination fees for the next exam
  • Canceling within 7 days of examination: no fees will be refunded.

PTE: Examination Pattern

This exam has three sections speaking and writing, listening, and writing. The score is the aggregate of all three sections. It is scored on a scale of 10-90, where 10 is the lowest marks and 90 is the highest marks obtained by a student. The best part is that the examination scores are displayed in a graphical form which helps the student to understand the areas of his excellence and the areas where he lacks.

English is all about practice, the more you practice, the more you score. There is nothing like tricks to score in an English proficiency examination, like the normal exams. Hence, you should practice regularly before the examination. Joining tuitions and coaching classes will not help you much because this is a day to day English examination.

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