International Literacy Day 2019: Celebration, Contribution And Other Things To Know!

International Literacy Day 2019: Celebration, Contribution And Other Things To Know!

                 International Literacy Day 2019: Celebration, Contribution & More: Education should be the foremost priority of every child. One should not gain education just to lead a better life but education is life only. Education gets you the liberation with limitless boundaries so that you can flourish in any of the fields you want. It is the only thing that can make you diamond from the coal. There is nothing in this world which is as powerful as education. We should celebrate the day so that we can revise the goals of distributing the power of gaining education. Each one of us should be ready to devote our one day towards such celebration.

Every year the World Literacy Day is celebrated to revise the goals. The day is celebrated on 8th September. This year UNESCO will be celebrating the 51st anniversary of the World Literacy Day. The day is celebrated internationally and this year there will be a specific theme which goes like “Reading the Past, Writing the Future.” The day is celebrated every year so as to spread awareness about the importance of literacy to individuals, societies, and communities.

When Is International Literacy Day 2019?

International Literacy Day 2019 will be celebrated on Sunday, 8 September 2019.

UNESCO and Other Report

The Director-General from Irina Bokova said recently that this world has changed itself since the year 1966 and also the determination that we hold that we will offer education to every woman and man with all the capacities, skills and opportunities to become everything that they wish to be in respect and the dignity. This remains as firm as ever. Literacy is a foundation that builds a very sustainable future for everyone.

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As per the reports which have been received from the Global+ monitoring. it has been witnessed that one among every 5 men and around two-third of the woman are illiterate. Hence in order to increase the literacy rate, World Literacy Day is celebrated internationally.

International Literacy Day 2019: Celebration, Contribution And Other Things To Know!

Celebration of International Literacy Day

The main objective behind the celebration of this day to spread awareness towards literacy so that everyone can know their social and individual rights. As we require food to stay alive just in the same way education is necessary for social and personal development. If we consider the immense increase in the rate of poverty, uncontrollable population growth, gender inequality etc then UNESCO has decided to celebrate the day so as to remove all such problems.  Eradicating all such problems will not only help all the individuals to grow but also it will contribute to the overall growth and rise of the nation.

Importance of Literacy

Though literacy is not the only way to get employment but it encourages people to know about their basic fundamental rights. All people should know what they actually deserve. Due to this illiteracy, there are many people who face humiliation every day. Hence to make a better world and to make the use of community resources for gaining information from the local and school libraries the literacy should be of the utmost importance.


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