YouTube TV vs DirecTV by Hulu vs PlayStation Vue: Which Is The Most Reasonable Online TV Service?

            YouTube TV vs DirecTV by Hulu vs PlayStation Vue: online television streaming has become a very popular term in the recent few years. Cable TV is considered as a traditional approach which costs a lot of money. The typical starting price of cable TV is around $200. Modern day users find it completely useless to spend this amount of money and get access to almost no channel. Therefore, people are shifting to online platforms like Hulu and YouTube TV. We have compared YouTube TV vs DirecTV by Hulu vs PlayStation Vue to find out the most reasonable alternative of cable TV.

Services like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube TV, and others are constantly and demand because of their cheap pricing and unlimited offerings. But not all the services will offer you the same advantages. The online television service users have claimed that they save almost half the sum of money that the used to pay for the cable TV. Moreover, they get access to a broader range of channels on the online services as well.

YouTube TV vs DirecTV by Hulu vs PlayStation Vu

These are basically the three most popular online services which are preferred over cable TV and other services like Netflix. There is a wide range of online TV watching services present and all have highly diverged packages. You can see if by compare and all the services and their packages with the items that they offer. We have briefly compared all the popular online streaming platforms and their offerings below in order to find out the most reasonable service.

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SlingTV: It is a $25 worth bargain per month. It is awarded as one of the most reasonable online cord cutter service by many websites. However, the service is missing out on some channels like fox news and Nickelodeon for the children. Most local channels for kids are missing on this platform.

Hulu Live: Coming at $45, it has almost all the local television channels. However, it is missing out on AMC and some other comedy channels. The so where it comes pre-installed on Roku and some other popular smart TV. It is considered as one of the best local TV channels offering service. However, some websites also call the interface of slingTV a bit awkward. But there will be no problem after you have used it.

DirecTv Now: At $50, DirectTV Now is one of the costliest online television services. However, you have to understand that it comes with HBO. HBO alone costs around $15. Hence, the pricing of DirecTV now is quite justified and it is one of their services which provides HBO in its initial package. Another positive thing about Direct TV now is that it has a cable TV like remote, unlike Hulu. It has almost all the local TV channels but you will not get discovery shows, which can be a bit disappointing for some people.

PlayStation Vue: The very first thing you need to know is that you don’t need a PlayStation for getting access to this service. It costs around $50 a month. It has a good range of local television channels but you will not get access to Nickelodeon, Lifetime and MTV. The prices are but volatile for this service and often keeps on changing.

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YouTube TV: It too comes at $50 a month. But you won’t get access to Nickelodeon, Lifetime and Comedy Central. It is so far the most simple online TV service with the best in the class interface. You can also easily access it on all the various platforms without facing any trouble. Hence, you can choose between these online services depending upon the channel choice and the price that you are ready to pay.

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