Sling Tv vs YouTube Tv: Which Is The Best Live Tv Streaming Service?

           Cable TV has become very old fashioned and people are intending to change. People are changing to cordless mediums of watching television channels. There are a number of online streaming platforms which can help you and watching Live television on your smartphone or TVs. Sling TV and Youtube TV are the best online television streaming platform which can help you in replacing the cable TV. However, most people are confused between these two popular television streaming platforms. This is why we are going to compare Sling TV vs YouTube TV and find out which one is the best cordless television streaming platform.

Sling TV vs YouTube TV


Pricing is perhaps the most important parameter to compare online streaming. Sling TV has three packages which are quite similar to the satellite networks fees of the dish. The base price of using sling TV is $25. However, the price may go up to $75 depending upon the additional channels you choose. The average cost of using sling TV is just $40. You will get all the basic channels in this price range. Moreover, the user is given the freedom of selecting between two channel streams depending upon his or her taste.

YouTube TV follows a flat fee model. You have to pay Flat $40 for watching any television channels available on the platform. However, this excludes all the premium channels which are available on YouTube TV. For instance, NBA sports is a premium channel and you will have to pay an extra amount for subscribing search channels. Moreover, customers can also avail a free 7 days or 30 days trial package depending upon the ongoing promotion. Sling TV is the winner in this parameter because it offers a lower package also which is beneficial for less frequent television viewers.

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YouTube TV has more than 40 channels in its flat fee package. It includes the channels from major companies like ESPN and several local channels and depending upon your location. The package includes all the major broadcaster channels from different categories like lifestyle and sports. On the other hand, sling TV has a lesson number of channels to offer compared to YouTube TV. However, the quality of channels is what matter in sling TV. Sling TV provides all the famous broadcasted channels including Fox and BBC. Hence, we find more value in subscribing to sling TV.

Supported Devices

Sling TV is supported on a wide variety of devices including Roku. Moreover, it is supported by Amazon fire TV stick and premium devices like Apple TV. All famous Android televisions from LG and Samsung have sling TV installed. Even if it does not come installed out of the box, you can easily download on your Smart TV. The service is also available on gaming consoles like Xbox One.

YouTube TV is basically a web-based platform which can be accessed by any device easily. YouTube TV is available on all the devices just like sling TV. Chromecast, Apple TV and all other major platforms support this TV app. However, the only thing which is missing out on this list is the Amazon Fire TV stick. This is because of the fact that Amazon and Google are competing with each other. Hence, Sling TV is a better choice.

Video Quality

The video quality on both the television streaming platform is quite similar. This is because of the fact that you can stream high definition channels on both the leading platform. Hence, there is no such comparison based on the video quality of the channels.

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Sling TV vs YouTube TV: Conclusion

In our comparison of Sling TV vs YouTube TV, we found out that sling TV is better than YouTube TV on each and every parameter. It is much more affordable and provides quality channels at the same valuation.

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