Top 6 Best Pubg Guns Which Will Help You To Get A Chicken Dinner

Top 6 Best Pubg Guns Which Will Help You To Get A Chicken Dinner

   Chicken has become a favorite dinner option for most people these days. We say this because people love having chicken, as well as getting chicken dinner in pubg. To make sure that you win a chicken dinner every time you play, you should have some specific guns. These pubg guns will help you to kill all the enemies who come in, as an obstacle between you and your chicken dinner. We have listed down the best pubg guns which will make you an assassination king. Moreover, we have added all the attachments you can use in those guns to further enhance your assassination.

Top 6 Best Pubg Guns

1. P18C Pistols

Pistols are mostly the first weapon players get when the land on the island. There and multiple options available when it comes to pistols. However, P18C remains our most preferred pistol in the pubg game. Pistols are helpful when you are in a situation where your gun runs out of bullets amidst an open face to face battle. The P18C Pistols can shoot incomplete automatic mode. Additionally, players can attach a Red Dot to magnify and kill the player, who is at a bit distance. Moreover, you can use suppressor if you want to kill the opponent silently without bothering their teammates.

2. M416 Rifle

If you have played and used the M416 pubg gun, you might know how much serious damage can it cause to the opponents in a single fire. You can adjust the settings to shoot automatically or one by one. M416 Pubg Gun remains our top topic as the best Pubg gun. Players can use Red Dot, holograph, as well as, scopes in this gun. It is best matched with a 4x scope and suppressor. Half grip adds extra stability when you fire using this rifle. Additionally, it becomes easier to kill people who are far, using the scope.


This is another 5.56mm ammo gun in our list of best Pubg Guns. It is relatively heavier than other guns and helps you to kill people seamlessly. However, the heavy nature is not suitable when you are running, as it slows down your speed. The gun is best for shooting people who come face to face. It fires repeatedly without any recoil. Hence, causes immense damage to opponents Health immediately.

4. M16A4 Rifle

This pubg gun is not liked much by new players because it lacks full automatic Features. However, those who have used it for a while can become a pro shooter. Most good players suggest using it over the other 5.56 mm guns. Players can use suppressor and grip to increase reliability and stability simultaneously. Moreover, you can attach scopes with up to 6x Zoom to this pubg gun.

5. Vector SMG

This is one of the most frequent cans that you will find after landing on the island. It uses 9mm bullets, which is easily available. It is a perfect lightweight gun in which is both powerful and convenient to use. It is a kind of Mini Rifle. Just like other guns, you can attach suppressor and grip to this pubg gun. Additionally, you can also apply all the scopes, except 8x, and shoot opponents. SMG is most favourable in situations when you are running to get inside the zone. You can still maintain the safety by running with this gun.

6. KAR98K Sniper rifle

It is the best Pubg Sniper rifle. Using KAR98K you can snipe opponents standing on a distance. It is a real gun which supports 8x scope.  It is most favourable in situations, when you are on some high rise building or hill, with a powerful scope. Hence, you can easily knock out an opponent using a single shot of this gun.

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