IBM Files Patent Of A Smartwatch Which Will Unfold To Become A Tablet

                  Foldable smartphones are in the LimeLight of tech news nowadays. It a something which is yet to go mainstream and to the markets. We have possibly never witnessed a smartphone which can be folded. A number of foldable Smartphones have already been launched and a number of them have been announced. Tech giants like Samsung and Huawei are aggressively working on foldable smartphones.

But it is a fact that every day is new for the techies. The tech market can change drastically within a short span. thousands of patents are filed every day and which one will become the future is something inevitable.

Foldable smartphones are gaining a lot of popularity these days, but it is short-lived. This is what Samsung’s CEO believes. He is said that the foldable smartphone market has a very limited lifespan and it will hardly last for 5 years.

The futuristic devices will take over the Tech markets in the next 5 years and these devices are something which one cannot imagine currently. There a lot of tech companies which are already working to disrupt the smartphone market.

It is estimated that smartphones will be taken over by variables like smartwatches in the future. A lot of patents have already been filed by various companies. However, this is going to happen you anytime between the next three to five years. Foldable smartphones will not remain in the LimeLight of these devices are announced officially.

Citing an example, he said, IBM is one company which is looking forward to disrupting the entire market. A recent patent filed by IBM shows one of the craziest devices which the Tech world will never witness. It is a smartwatch which has got extraordinary features that can take over smartphones in the next 5 years.

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So, what is IBM planning to launch? Well, you will be completely shocked after reading the next sentence. You will be able to wear a complete tablet on your wrist. Seems crazy, isn’t it? But this is a reality as IBM has already filed the patent for this new device.

The recent patent filed by IBM showcases the vision of the company to launch a wrist watch which will unfold to become a smartphone. If this doesn’t blow your mind, it will further unfold to become a full-sized tablet. This is one of the craziest things which the Tech world is going to receive in the next 5 years.

So, get ready to wear an entire tablet on your rest as a smartwatch. The next battle is going really big and this is probably the next generation device which will disrupt the entire smartphone industry. Get your foldable smartphones now and use it for the next five years before it is disrupted by foldable wrist watches.

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