Here Is How To Download And Install WhatsApp Plus IPA For iOS?

Here Is How To Download And Install WhatsApp Plus IPA For iOS?

             WhatsApp is the best social messaging application. However, there are many features which are lacking in WhatsApp. You might be aware of the fact that Android users have a number of options Like downloading the WhatsApp Mod APKs. But what about the iOS users? Isn’t there any way to enjoy the features of WhatsApp Mod on the iOS platform? Why not, WhatsApp Mod applications are also available for download on the iOS devices. WhatsApp Plus IPA can be downloaded easily on your iPhone and it will have the same features as that of Android. Hence, you must consider downloading this application if you are not satisfied by the conventional WhatsApp Messenger.

WhatsApp Plus IPA For iOS enables the users on how to access all the amazing features which are currently being enjoyed by the Android users only. You can enhance the privacy features and add new themes to your WhatsApp. Whatsapp Plus IPA file can be easily downloaded and installed on the iOS devices without the need of jailbreaking. Most tweaked applications require jailbreaking, however, this version of WhatsApp Plus absolutely doesn’t require any software modification. Therefore, we recommend people to download this application if they love to change the theme of their WhatsApp account frequently.

Features of WhatsApp Plus IPA for iOS


Themes are probably the most important feature because of which people switch from the main WhatsApp version to the mod one. WhatsApp plus has hundreds of themes available on its theme Store. Hence, the user has complete control over changing the theme and background of his WhatsApp account from time to time.

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Just like Android, this version of WhatsApp gives a number of features like hiding blue ticks and double ticks in order to maintain privacy. Additionally, features related to the customization of WhatsApp stories are also added.


This version of the WhatsApp offers an in-app locker. This feature allows the customers to lock a specific chat or the entire application without the need of downloading a third party app locker.

File transfer

The mod version of WhatsApp does not have any restriction on the file size while sharing content with your friends and families. Earlier, if there were a lot of restrictions on the file size being transferred using the original version of the WhatsApp. Hence, the customers can even transfer an entire movie over WhatsApp.

Download Whatsapp Plus IPA for iOS

It is very easy to download the WhatsApp Plus application on iPhone. The application is not officially available on the app store because of the policy violation. Hence, the customer has to take an alternate method in order to download this version of WhatsApp on their iPhone or other iOS devices. Most people think that the only way of getting the new features on WhatsApp is by jailbreaking the device. However, you will be shocked to know that this version of WhatsApp plus does not require any kind of jailbreaking and can be downloaded directly using the IPA file. We have listed down the steps to download the WhatsApp Plus application using the IPA file method.

  • Download the official WhatsApp plus IPA file using the link given below. This file has to be downloaded on your PC or laptop.
  • Now download Cydia impactor on your pc.
  • Install and launch the application.
  • Thereafter you will have to drag and drop the WhatsApp Plus IPA file in the Cydia impactor
  • connect your iPhone or iPad to your laptop and then follow the instructions given on your screen.
  • Unplug the device, once the installation process is completed.
  • It will be successfully installed on your iOS device and you just need to login in order to get started.
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Download: Whatsapp Plus IPA File Here.

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