Samsung Foldable Smartphones: Price, Availability And Specifications

Samsung Foldable Smartphones: Price, Availability And Specifications

       Samsung has always tried to innovate something new in their flagship devices. Even though all the budget smartphones are more or less similar in specifications and looks, the flagship models come with some new features. For instance, the Edge Display got very popular when it was first released on the flagship series. It is you, Lord, that Samsung is working on something big again. As far as technicians have guessed, Samsung is working on foldable smartphones. Isn’t that crazy? Hence, we are going to see something big from the South Korean giant, Samsung in the upcoming year.

Samsung Foldable Smartphones

The first reaction of most people is that we have been through a generation which has seen foldable phones from companies like Motorola. However, foldable smartphones here has a completely different meaning. The rumored Samsung foldable smartphones will not be an ordinary folding device, but foldable screens in general terms.

Design & Structure

The design of the new Samsung foldable smartphone will be astounding and will amaze everyone. Moreover, the device will have a huge screen because it will be unfolded into two parts. Samsung will lead to power the device with the huge battery for maintaining proper battery life. It is expected that there will be 2 batteries in the smartphone, each of 2100 MAH. Their overall design will be completely different from all other Samsung models.

The device will have a 4.6 inches display when it is folded and a 7.3 inches folded out display. Hence, the screen is going to be huge compared to any other flagship smartphones by Samsung. Keeping in mind the flagship range, Samsung will use the Super AMOLED display in this smartphone. However, the news has not yet been confirmed.

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Most experts believe that the Samsung foldable smartphones will have very high-end specifications. Reportedly, the device will be powered by an Exynos 9820 in South Korea and Snapdragon 855 processor elsewhere. Samsung may use the latest 7nm chipset which has been in news because of the enormous investment that Samsung has made in it.

Moreover, it is believed that the Samsung foldable smartphones will be 5G compatible. 5G he is the growing Trend and the new smartphones will have it ready in their hardware. Samsung Galaxy S10 is believed to be the first 5G smartphone by Samsung. Hence, this can be the addition to the line-up.


The camera specification is believed to be same as the Samsung Galaxy S10. Hence, the Samsung foldable devices will expectedly have a triple lens camera set up at the rear side. The front camera will be positioned in a different way because the screen will be foldable. However, the actual megapixel count and other detailed features are not yet available with any sources.

Price, Availability & Release Date

This latest Samsung foldable smartphone will be highly priced and will be launched only in selected markets initially. According to some Samsung officials familiar with the matter, the smartphones will be released only unlimited markets initially because of low production units. However, the clarification statement said that Samsung is ready to produce up to 1 million units in the upcoming months. Hence, we can expect smartphones in Big markets like the US.

Reportedly, many sources have confirmed that the price of Samsung foldable smartphones will be twice than any other flagship model. The price is expected to be anything around $1800 to $2500. Hence, you will have to pay a hefty sum in order to get this device. Moreover, the device will only be available for pre-order sales. Moreover, we expect that Samsung will reveal the smartphone on February 20th, 2019. Hence, you will not have to wait for a long time.

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