Here Are The Things You Should Expect From The 5G Network

       The future Network, 5G seems very promising and we are all set to witness this technology within just a few months. A number of 5G smartphones have already been in news, including the OnePlus. OnePlus has officially said that it is working on a 5G Smartphone and it will possibly be rolled out with the OnePlus 7 series. There are many other companies which are working aggressively on the 5G network. Additionally, big telecom companies are also in the process of rolling out their 5G spectrum. So what should we expect from these upcoming 5G smartphones in 2019?

Telecom companies in the US believe that the 5G network is going to be a complete game changer. Sprint said that it might be a transition like black TV to color TV. Similarly, other big giants like AT&T and Verizon are bullish on 5G Technology, which is soon going to become a reality. So let us check out what the 5G network has got for the users.

5G Offerings

1. Faster

This is the most obvious offering by the new 5G Network Technology.  It would be similar to the jump from 3G to 4G LTE. However, this will not reduce the time taken by the applications to open as such. This is because it depends upon your smartphone. The smartphone has to send data to the network in order to establish a successful connection. Hence, the connection speed is likely to go up significantly. On the contrary, some people believe that the network speed will not go up significantly. They believe that the speed will remain kept under 2GBPS. However, this can go up to 5 Gbps gradually Hindi upcoming years has the network improves and the bugs are fixed.

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2. Size & Price

5G network is going to be a big head and terms of size and pricing. Most experts believe that 5G will not be about speed but about the structure in which it will be framed. The companies will grow their market size as the roll out the 5G network. Moreover, the price is slightly godown because of the proper data reformation. However, initially, the rates may Hike because of the high investment cost.

The 5 she will have a great impact on the smartphone market. This is because of the fact that the hardware has to be modified in order to support the 5G network. Qualcomm believes that the prices of processes might go up because of this modification. Hence, it is strongly expected that the smartphone prices will go up and the size and thickness of the smartphone with 5G network compatibility will be more than the base model.

3. Battery Life

Most people think that network speed is related only to the data connection and how fast they work. However, it is related to many more things other than speed. networks have Deep impact on the functioning of a smartphone and its battery life. Initially, when the 4G network was ruled out, many search battery drain issues started coming and on the new smartphones. Hence, the 5G network will have a great day challenge in terms of battery life.

The major problem before the Tech companies is the spectrum and frequency series. This problem has been expanding in the United States. However, all the companies are working on the plan to resolve them. Additionally, the 5G chips are under continuous development procedure. Companies like Qualcomm or MediaTek are trying to improve the integration of a 5G network in the upcoming smartphone hardware. This Google significantly helps to improve the battery life over those of 4G network. Hence, we will soon witness the 5G network on our Smartphones and is likely to come to us within months.

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