YouTube TV: Pricing, Channels, Supported Devices, And All You Need To Know!

            YouTube TV: Google has entered the business of Live television streaming. It has launched YouTube TV which is available nationwide as of 27th March 2019. It is a live television streaming platform which is a direct competitor of Hulu Plus, Sling TV, and DirectTV Now. The streaming service comes from the company which doesn’t have any history experience in media and broadcasting. So what is Youtube TV actually offering? We have explained all the features and uses of YouTube TV below. Therefore, you must go through the entire article in order to understand the features of this new platform by Google.

What is Youtube TV?

This live streaming platform was officially launched by Google back in 2017. The application was available only in a limited number of cities in the United States. However, Google Now claims that the service has been launched in all the 210 markets of the United States as of January 2019. It is a great television app but does have a limited number of content compared to the sum of its competitors. The content of this application cannot be directly viewed from the normal YouTube. Users will have to download a separate YouTube go app which is available on both Android and IOS devices.

Supported Devices

If we compare this new streaming platform by Google to other apps like sling TV, there is a difference in the number of supported devices. Sling TV supports nearly all the devices and operating systems. However, YouTube TV is available on a much smaller range of devices as of now. It is essentially available on the Google Chromecast and other platforms like Apple TV. Moreover, it is also supported by all the Samsung and LG smart TV which comes with Vizio Chromecast. Similarly, you can stream on this platform from Xbox as well. What makes YouTube TV easily accessible is the online website which can be accessed by Chrome or Firefox browser. However, it is not available on Amazon Fire TV stick because of the head on competition.

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Cloud DVR is one of the best features of the news streaming application. Google has introduced a completely new format of cloud DVR using which you can store live TV shows directly on the cloud. Most operators which offer DVR delete the content in one or two days after being store. However, Google allows you to store the content for up to 9 months on the cloud.

Pricing & Channels

The content and channels that you get on YouTube TV are somewhat similar to what you get on other streaming platforms like sling TV. However, there is a difference in the price and model of these streaming. You will have to pay monthly fees of $50 for watching the channels on YouTube. This is because of the simple application. However, users will have to pay an additional cost if they want to stream other TV channels. All the popular television channels from different categories include in fox, CNBC, Cartoon Network, CNN, discovery, ESPN is available on YouTube.

Viewers Experience

Online streaming on smartphones has always been the last choice of customers until YouTube TV was launched. The news streaming platform adds a lot of new features which makes it very pleasing for the users. For instance, you can watch the preview of all the things which are going on a particular channel at any moment of time while scrolling through the homepage. Hence, users do not have to take the pain of opening each and every channel to check out what is currently airing. This makes the new television streaming platform of YouTube a great success. Hence, it is highly recommended by the viewers.

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