HBO Go vs HBO Now: Which Is The Best HBO Streaming Service?

                HBO Go vs HBO Now: HBO viewers are having a great time these days watching the different kinds of originals and TV shows. They can watch all the content either by sitting in front of the television or while doing anything like riding on a bus. Users can watch the original library on the go with the two streaming services offered by the company. HBO GO and HBO Now is the two popular streaming services which are quite similar but also have some prominent differences. Hence, we have compared HBO Go vs HBO Now in order to find the best streaming service.

HBO Go vs HBO Now


There is not much to differentiate in terms of content. This is because of the fact that all the HB originals, TV shows, and comedy sessions are available on both the streaming services. Moreover, all the HBO original TV shows are telecasted on both the services in a similar manner and at the same time. The navigation menu and the homepage of both HBO go and HBO now looks similar. There is a dedicated section on both the apps for featured content and they are quite easy to navigate.


This is the area where both the services get differentiated. HBO now has a fixed subscription fee of flat $15 per month. It is a standalone service and does not require any kind of other subscription for running it. This HBO service is solely made for those people who want to enjoy the HBO originals and other content directly on the smartphone or other devices which are compatible with the service.

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On the other hand, HBO go is a free service and is available for all the users who have HBO subscription. This means that if you have HBO subscription for the cable TV, you will automatically get access to the HBO to go servers for free. In simple terms, you must have an active HBO subscription on the cable TV in order to have access of HBO go on your smartphone or any other compatible device. Users cannot directly of the go service if they do not watch the channel on TV. The price range of HBO TV subscription where is from distributor to distributor. It can cost anything between $0 – $20.

Compatible Devices

HBO go service has been around since 2010 and it is supported by a lot of devices irrespective of the operating system. However, HBO now was launched in 2015 and it had signed an exclusive deal with Apple. According to the deal, HBO now streaming service was only available on the Apple devices like iPads, iPhones, and Apple TV. However, since the deal has expired in 2015, HBO has added a number of other devices. Currently, both HBO goes and HBO now is available on a wide variety of devices ranging from Android to iOS. They are also compatible with gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox.


There are a few complications involved in using these services. HBO go is much more Complex because of the fact that you need to authenticate the service with the satellite or cable TV provider. This is boring as you will have to go to the cable TV operator in order to authenticate. However, HBO now offers direct online login.

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HBO Go vs HBO Now: Conclusion

In our comparison of HBO Go vs HBO Now, we found out that the answer to the question depends upon you complete. This is because of the fact that both streaming services are quite similar. If you already have a cable TV subscription for HBO, go for Go. If not, you can buy HBO Now directly.

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