Top 8 Secure And Fast Ripple (XRP) Coin Wallets 2018

  Ripple labs in 2012 launched its new digital coin, Ripple. The first Cryptocurrency by Ripple labs, also known as XRP is a great hit. Ripple is built on a distributed open source internet protocol. It supports tokens representing fiat currency, Cryptocurrency, and commodities.

Ripple was launched for solving a major problem faced by corporates. Its purpose is to enable secure, instant and almost free global Transactions. Transferring money from one country to another was very hectic earlier because of the conversion from one currency to another. The fees are currency conversion is very high, thus ripple solves this problem.

XRP is one of the most convenient digital currency, that’s why it is being readily adopted by banks. Ripple is the third largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization. It holds infinite potential and is one of the best altcoins you should keep an eye upon for investment.

Many wallets have useless terms and conditions like Minimum 20 XRP wallet balance at any time. They also charge too much wallet fees on every transaction. So we have listed some best ripple wallets where you can save your money securely.

Top 8 Ripple Wallets in 2018:-

1. Ledger Nano S

This is one e of the most advanced wallet you will see. You can carry your digital wallet with you anytime and anywhere. The best feature of ledger Nano s, ripple wallet is that it comes with two-factor security pin. This amazing wallet can hold more than 30 cryptocurrencies including ripple, Bitcoin, Tron, ethereum etc.

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It is a USB device which comes with an OLED screen which displays wallet balance and Transactions. You can plug in the Ledger device in your PC and open the ledger website or app.

2. Toast Wallet

The combined security and XRP specific wallet thing makes it the best ripple wallet in 2018. The XRP dedicated toast wallet comes with amazing features and is available on app stores play store and for Linux/Mac and windows.

3. Guards

This ripple wallet is also available on Android as well as iOS. The security is perhaps best in class. The app data is stored in device’s security drive and deleted when you log out your account. This feature is completely exceptional and this makes us feature it in our best 8 Ripple wallets list.

4. GateHub

This is another amazing ripple wallet but it is not XRO specific. You can trade any crypto on this platform. It also allows you to trade fiat currencies like USD, EUR, and INR. You can also trade commodities like gold and silver on GateHub wallet.

It has a very powerful tool which gives you a live analysis of all your assets in a single page. You can view how much profit have you made or lost in a single chart. The graphical presentation is quick and just amazing to track the money you invested.

5. CryptoNator

This is a web-based ripple wallet and comes only for Windows/Linux and Mac. The SSL encryption gives bank-like security and it permits instant Euro Payments from your account directly. It also has multiple currencies to trade across.

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6. Edge Wallet

One app for all your assets. Edge Wallet is another member of our list of best ripple wallets. The user-friendly app has an easy to use interface and the UI is cool.

7. Coin Payments

It is more like a bank app which allows you to transfer funds anywhere at least amount of fees and that too in flash of a second. You can pay directly from your bank account and buy ripples or 100s of other altcoins.

8. Exarpy

It’s incredibly fast, secure and anywhere to go ripple wallet. The customer service of this app makes it a member of our top 8 ripple wallets list.

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