Skycoin (SKY) Market Cap Touches $26.57 Million

Skycoin (SKY) Market Cap Touches $26.57 Million

             It is a relatively unpopular Cryptocurrency which was launched back in 2013. There has been a huge volume action on the count of in the last 24 hours. The prices were down 1.4% against dollars. However, the price is up 4.4% this month. The market cap of skycoin is $26.57 million and approximately $1.07 million worth skycoin was traded on the exchanges in the last 24 hours. All major cryptocurrencies also traded a bit lower against the dollar in the last 24 hours. However, there has been an unusually high volume action on the counter because of some reasons.

What is Skycoin?

Skycoin is a cryptocurrency which was first traded in December 2013. Initially, there were 25000000 coins in circulation. The train is available on major cryptocurrency exchanges and can be bought and sold easily. It is often priced against dollar or Bitcoins. The coin can be purchased and sold from most popular Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges. You can track the prices and charts of the coin from its official website.

They also have an official Twitter and Facebook account. Users can follow these official pages in order to remain updated about the coin. There is some important information that is shared about the developments of cryptocurrency and specifically Sky coin on these social media platforms. All you need to do is go to Facebook and search for the official page and like it. Similarly, You Can follow them on Twitter by searching for the Twitter handle.

How to buy and sell Skin?

As mentioned earlier, this cryptocurrency is traded just like other cryptocurrencies. You will find it listed on popular exchanges like binance. However, it is not available on some exchanges like coinbase which is extremely popular for Bitcoins. Moreover, there is limited support for this coin and you cannot directly purchase it using dollars.

This indicates that the exchanges do not support this coin and back it with Fiat currency. However, the users can follow an alternate procedure for or buying Kaushal link the cryptocurrency if there cannot be purchased directly used in the Fiat currency. For instance, you can go to coinbase and purchase Bitcoins or ether using the Fiat currency. You can play via local payment methods like PayPal. Once you complete the transaction, Bitcoins will be added to your wallet.

Now, you can go to buy a lens or any other cryptocurrency exchange and search for Sky coin. There would be an option to place an order. Simply order the amount of spoil you’re looking for and select payment method as Bitcoins.

Hence, the trade will be put up on the website and once the bio is matched, your Bitcoins will be deducted and these new coins will be credited. There will be minor commission and other charges on the transaction. Therefore, you will not exactly get the coin at the price it has been trading against dollars.

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