Bitcoins in 2019: A Boon Or Bane? Is There Any Hope in Future?

Bitcoins in 2019: A Boon Or Bane? Is There Any Hope in Future?

     Bitcoins, the king of all cryptocurrencies, seems to be losing its own powers. We have seen a very volatile graph when we talk about the history of Bitcoins. It who was not even worth a penny back in 2010. However, 2016 and 17 show the Bull Run of all cryptocurrencies, led by Bitcoins. The valuation of Bitcoins reached almost $19.5k in 2017. The returns it gave in this time frame was insane and couldn’t be imagined by any analyst. However, since this top position Bitcoins have been falling till date. So which way will Bitcoin take in 2019?

In 2018 Bitcoins was under free fall. It has come down to about $4000. So will this freefall continue in 2019 or we will see it consolidated again? Before going into the discussion about the future you must know why Bitcoins fell more than 500% in the 1-year time frame. The reason behind this great fall was mainly the hurt sentiment of investors after most countries started banning Bitcoins. The ban came into effect because of the rising concern on the regularity and scams in cryptocurrencies sector. So is it the right time to enter Bitcoins? Should you wait for more? Below is the analysis of what Bitcoins has got for you in 2019.

Bitcoins in 2019: Boon or Bane?

The very first question you should ask yourself before entering Bitcoins is that “is the problems mentioned in the above part resolved?” Certainly No, Bitcoin is still banned in most countries. The sentiments of participles are almost dead. Hence, the earlier part of 2019 is not the correct time to enter the cryptocurrencies sphere.

However, we are in the opinion that the Bull Run in the cryptocurrency sphere will return. This is because if you see the chat you will find that there is a recovery phase after every breakout. However, this may take significant time. This is because the participants in the investing committee should be cheered by global cues.

Bitcoin is the future

Even if we do not see our eyes in the Bitcoins price sooner, there will be an absurd in the upcoming years. This is mainly because digital currencies are very much required in the economy. The only problem in Bitcoins is that it is unregulated. However, many countries are working on the policies to make cryptocurrencies regulated and thereby start an exclusive exchange for cryptocurrency itself. Once this policy is announced by any government we will see a significant upside in the prices of Bitcoins.

Hence, there is a possibility that it may recover in the second half of 2019. However, investors must keep an eye on all the news. Bitcoins are the future of digital currency as many banks and investment brokerages have predicted that banks are using cryptocurrencies for managing assets. Any such news about the use of Bitcoins will be positive news for the investors.

What has Bitcoins got for traders in 2019?

Trading in the cryptocurrency market is almost dead since the early half of 2018. Hence, those looking for trades in 2019 should refrain from making any positions in the cryptocurrency market at such a volatile phase. Experts always advise that trading should not be done in a volatile market. Be ready to sacrifice almost 50% of the money if you are trading in the cryptocurrency market at this time. This is because the market cap of these cryptocurrencies has fallen mercilessly in the recent months.

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A piece of Advice For Investors

At this Valuation, Bitcoins seems attractive for long-term investors. However, one should refrain from making any such position in 2019. Things will start getting clear after mid-2019. Any positive news will be a Win-Win situation for investors in the long-term. Overall, the latter half of 2019 seems attractive for both investors and traders in the Bitcoins market.

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