Spotify Premium Rates: How Can You Get It At A Discount?

Spotify Premium Rates: How Can You Get It At A Discount?

   Music is something which connects people and souls. Spotify is the key to tens of millions of music. Spotify is the best music streaming platform which has been ruling the industry for quite a while now. Get access to all latest music and songs of various genres from across the world. You can also listen to the latest music on demand by purchasing the premium version of Spotify. But how much does a Spotify premium subscription cost? To get the answer to this question, you have to read the exact premium rates given below. It depends on the type of subscription you want.

We have also listed down some amazing discount offers for purchasing Spotify premium. But is Spotify the right music streaming platform for you? Here is a comparison between Spotify premium vs Pandora premium. After going through the comparison you will understand which premium version is better for you. Spotify is the most popular music streaming platform which has more than 10 million songs. There are also some amazing discount offers which you can avail while purchasing Spotify premium.

Spotify Plans

Spotify Free

Spotify gives you access to all its content free of cost. You can stream music on Spotify as long as you are ready two-phase some restrictions. Using the free version of Spotify you can listen to All On-demand Music as well as other songs available on the platform. However, there is no option to download the song offline. Moreover, you have to watch an advertisement at regular intervals while listening to music. This is annoying at times and hence you should opt for Spotify premium if you love music.

Spotify premium

You can stream all music and that too ad-free for as low as $10. The Spotify premium costs $10/month. The premium version gives you access to more than 35 million songs and removes all advertisements. Moreover, you get the option to download the music offline on your smartphone or desktop and listen to them later.

Spotify Student

If you are a student, Spotify has an amazing discount offer for you. Spotify gives you flat $5 Discount on purchasing Spotify premium. Therefore, the net amount that Spotify charges you for the premium version is just $5 per month. With this, you can avail all the benefits of the normal premium subscription. Moreover, you get free Hulu subscription too. Just remember to re-register as a student, or you will be charged $10 automatically.

Spotify Family Version

The Spotify family boyfriend is for those who have some cousins are siblings to share the account with. You can add up to six people on the same account. The Spotify family version cost $15 per month. Hence, is amazing for those who have a number of siblings to share with. You can access all the benefits of the normal Spotify premium on all 6 devices.

Spotify PlayStation Offer

If you sign up on Spotify using a Playstation you will get flat 10 % discount on your monthly premium subscription charges. This is an amazing offer for those who own a Playstation. Offer is valid for all PlayStation devices and you will get a discount as long as you have the PlayStation version activated.

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Additional Offers

There are always some or the other of running for Spotify. You can also ask your company if it provides a subscription for free. We say this because some companies like Starbucks offer Spotify premium to all its employees for free. Additionally, you can use T-Mobile plans to surf the Spotify app for free, without any internet charges. However, it does not provide you with the subscription. You need to have existing Spotify premium subscription to avail this offer.

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