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      GB WhatsApp is a software or an app brilliantly developed by GB mod, it’s the owner is a bit ambiguous because of security reasons as WhatsApp Inc. doesn’t allow any app to legally take over its interface.

In this era, most people have two Sims but only one mobile and everyone wants to use WhatsApp on both sims, but it is not possible. Practically speaking, it is possible. Yes, you read it right you can use two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone, all thanks to GBWhatsApp. GB WhatsApp runs on top of your normal WhatsApp. And the gbwhatsapp comes with many special features and brand new look.

GBWhatsApp is very famous but you will never find a working link to download it. But are posting the latest GBWhatsApp download link. To download the latest GB WhatsApp APK read this whole post.

GB WhatsApp Apk in a Nutshell:-

  • The app runs on top of normal Whatsapp app.
  • You can use the same number for WhatsApp on the same device using GB WhatsApp.
  • GB WhatsApp latest APK comes with latest and updated features listed below
  • The app remains up to date along with normal WhatsApp and does not crash.

Features Of GB WhatsApp Apk:-

  1. Run two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone
  2. Dedicated security for two accounts.
  3. Feature to distinguish between collective and individual texts.
  4. Send up to 30MB files or videos via GB WhatsApp.
  5. Over 50 photos can be sent at a time, unlike normal WhatsApp.
  6. Option to hide date and time.
  7. Statistics feature for groups to analysis.
  8. Load media without loading application
  9. Hide last seen
  10. Disable call option for specific contacts.
  11. The convenience of switching between two accounts.
  12. Send texts up to 600 people in a broadcast message.
  13. Hide double ticks / single ticks
  14. Custom themes and latest attractive designs.
  15. A feature that shows you are online for 24 hours.
  16. Schedule your messages.
  17. Video call
  18. Ban people for a specific time period.
  19. Live location sharing
  20. Send up to 100 documents in a go
  21. Multiple themes for WhatsApp icon.
  22. Customized background themes.
  23. Copying friends status option.
  24. Change tick sizes.
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GB WhatsApp APK:-

In this era where everyone is using a smartphone and same software, it has become boring seeing the same thing every day. GB WhatsApp Apk is a step ahead and gives you exciting features which will convert your ordinary WhatsApp into an extraordinarily attractive looking one. The GB WhatsApp allows you to customize the looks and overall theme, you can even change the color of the ticks and app icon. GB WhatsApp comes with an in-app locking system which is a very effective way to secure your messages.

Whatsapp was created by a technician who is an ex-Yahoo employee. They made WhatsApp with a vision to make communication easy and today WhatsApp has a monopoly in the chat app market. Out of the 10 people in the world, every 9 uses WhatsApp. And GB WhatsApp is also gaining popularity because of the attractive features it offers.

System Requirements For Downloading GB WhatsApp:-

  • Space – 35 MB
  • Android – v4.1+
  • Root not needed
  • Last date of an update – 26th July 2018.

While most customized apps and themes require rooting, GB WhatsApp requires absolutely no root and backend customizing. It is a user-friendly friendly application and everyone can use it even he or she has no idea about rooting or coding. The software is made by very complex coding and structure and we should thank the developer for adding such amazing features to normal boring WhatsApp.

So, download the latest GB WhatsApp today and get started with the all new theme based-WhatsApp.

Download the latest GB WhatsApp V6.4 here.

This is the latest GB WhatsApp apk. Just click on the above link and download the 35 MB file from media fire cloud and you are all set to go.

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