These Are The Top Best PS4 Games Of April 2019

                    Best PS4 Game April 2019: PS4 is one of the most popular gaming has been by Sony. The 4th generation of PlayStation was launched by Sony back in 2019. It grabbed instant attention of all the gamers around the world. Are you looking for the best PS4 games? There are thousands and millions of games available for PlayStation and choosing some of the popular ones is difficult. Hence, we have compiled and made a complete list of best PS4 games which can be installed and enjoyed right away. We have selected different games from different categories.

Best PS4 Game April 2019

1. Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 is a very interesting game which involves shooting and combat. It is categorized under the action games for PS4. There are a number of weapons is available in the game which makes the gameplay very interesting for users. Besides, the adventurer’s nature of the game will give you adrenaline Rush. You will have to decode some statements in order to find a solution while playing the game.

2. Bloodborne

This is another amazing game which has been included in our list of best PS4 games. Bloodborne is basically an adventurous and RPG game which involves a lot of action. It is not a simple game and is basically categorized under thriller games. The storyline is dark and unique which makes the game even more interesting. It is a lot of fun with the PS4 controls which makes the GamePlay and makes it very easy. Therefore, this is one game with you must have on your new PS4.

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3. GTA 5

There is no doubt that grand theft auto v is the most buzzing game for PlayStation. Even after being such an old game, the popularity hasn’t gone down even by a percentage. It is one of the first games that every game download when he buys a PS4. The game has a brilliant storyline with hundreds of different missions. You can drive different kinds of vehicles and race around the city. Moreover, there are a number of weapons which can be used for killing the civilians and in different missions.

4. Hitman 2

Just like GTA 5, Hitman 2 is a decade old game which is also popular as one of the best PC games. If you haven’t tried out this game, you must consider having it on your PS4. You how to find out the way and reach the destination by decoding various kinds of hints. It also has different kinds of weapons which can be used to kill the opponents in the course of the game. The storyline is perfect and makes it extremely suitable for people who love adventure. It will not fail to entertain you in any scenario.

5. Marvel’s Spider-Man

This is a must-have game for all the Marvel fans. Spiderman has remained one of the favorite games for all the gamers be it on PC or PlayStation. This is a perfect action game which will engage you in a lot of amusing activities. There are different kinds of activities you have to perform in the game. Be the Spider-Man and jump from one building to another and kill your enemies. The amazing controls of the game make it perfect for PlayStation 4. Hence, we have listed the date as one of the best games in our list of PS4 games.

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6. Mortal Kombat 3

Mortal Kombat 3 is one of the most powerful thriller games. It has amazing gameplay which is very violent. You how to fight with your opponents and knock them down in order to win the game. Hence, you must consider having this game on your new PS4. Play these games and have fun.

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