What Is Li-Fi Technology? Here Is The Complete Overview Of The New Technology

             Li-Fi Technology was proposed by a scientist named, Harald Haas. The basic concept of these techniques is that data can be transmitted with the help of light it or light as a medium. It means that light will carry the data to restricted regions at a very high speed. This will prove to be better than the conventional Wi-Fi technology that the world is adapted to. The ease of use, bandwidth, efficiency, and safety will be better than the Wi-Fi technology. We have explained everything that you need to know about this new Li-Fi technology below.

What is Li-Fi?

Light fidelity is a future wireless communication technology which is similar to the currently used Wi-Fi. The salient features of this technology include hi-speed bilateral data, efficiency and fully networked. Currently, Wi-Fi is the most dominant technology in wireless communication. The user base of wireless internet users is increasing at a very high rate.

Hence, Li-Fi has abolished to provide better efficiency, bandwidth, and speed. light can be used as a medium for this new technology because light travels at a very high speed which is not even a fraction of second. Moreover, the speed of light is a hundred times more than the Wi-Fi technology.

How does it work?

It is basically a visual light communication system which uses light for transmitting data at a very very high speed. The technology uses LEDs to allow the data to transfer and increase at a speed of up to 226 Gbps. The transfer can be done via illumination as well. Bright light emitting diodes are the essential components of the system. The on/off of LEDs permit the transfer in data in the form of binary codes which are not visible to the human eye. Hence, the bulbs seem to be stable.

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Difference between Li-Fi and Wi-Fi

  • The bandwidth expansion is limited for Wi-Fi and is exceptional for Li-Fi
  • The speed of Wi-Fi is around 10 MBPS and that of the new technology is around 100 Gbps. Hence, you can imagine the advantage of the speed that the new generation will be having using this technology.
  • The data density is low for Wi-Fi and high for the latter.
  • Range of Wi-Fi is medium and that of the new technology is low
  • There is also a difference in the pricing of both technologies. WiFi is considered to be much more expensive than new technology. Hence, internet services will get cheap of once the new form of wireless communication is introduced in the market.
  • Both use a point to point network.


Speed: Speed is perhaps the most important factor when it comes to the internet. Li-Fi is going to increase the speed by more than 10 times. It is originally a hundred times faster the conventional Wi-Fi communication Technology. However, we cannot expect the efficiency to be a hundred percent in the ideal system. Hence, it will go down a pet but remain much faster than the current technologies.

Security: The new technology does not involve light partition and therefore, it is more safe and secure and it cannot be possibly hacked. Everyone will surely use a network which is secure and consistent. The new technology going to be really secured and it will minimize the risk of cyber attacks and other security breaches.

Risk-free: Li-Fi Technology uses light waves which we have already mentioned. You might be aware of the fact that light waves are rendered homeless for the human body. Hence, the new technology will be completely harmless and also safe for use. It will be a high standard technology which will be risk-free and secured at the same time.

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