Spotify vs Pandora: Which Is The Best Music Streamer?

   Spotify and Pandora are the most famous music streaming apps. You can explore the entire music library on both the applications provided you have their premium subscription. All music lovers have one of these two applications installed on their phone to listen to a latest and widest range of music. Find any kind of music be it pop or slow, on Spotify and Pandora. Music plays a vital role in connecting people to each other. But which is the best music application? To find this out be compared Spotify vs Pandora.

Spotify vs Pandora: Which is the best Music Streamer?

1. Pricing

There is not much difference between Spotify premium and Pandora premium on the basis of pricing. Both Spotify and Pandora premium cost you $9.99 monthly. However, you will get a 60 days free trial pack for Pandora premium. Whereas, Spotify gives you a 30 days free trial pack. The major pricing difference comes when we compare the yearly package. Spotify Premium charges $99 per year whereas Pandora premium charges you $109.89 per year. Hence, you have to spend almost $20 more on buying Pandora premium yearly package. This is because Spotify offers a discount every time you buy the yearly package.

2. Music Library

Earlier, Spotify premium had a great lead in this category compared to the Pandora premium. Spotify has more than 10 million songs in its library, whereas Pandora has just about two million songs. However, it doesn’t matter much because Pandora premium is a demand-based music service provider. You will find all the latest and trending music on both the applications. Both the applications allow you to create a playlist which you can share with your friends. Pandora has an exclusive feature which allows you to find similar music added to your playlist. However, Spotify premium takes a small lead and this category.

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3. Social Features

Both Spotify and Pandora allows you to share music with your friends over social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others. However, Pandora does not allow you to share music on demand. This is where it losses a point. On the other hand, Spotify HD undisputed champion when it comes to social media features. It is very well known for sharing music among friends. You can directly share your entire playlist with your friends over the social media platforms. Moreover, you get simple features like merging playlists. These features are lacking on Pandora premium.

4. Supported Devices

Spotify is available on a wide range of devices. You can play music via Spotify on devices like Amazon echo, fire TV stick, Google Home, cast, iOS, WebOS, Android, and Windows. The list keeps on expanding day by day. On the other hand, Pandora is available on less number of devices. Although, it is available one well-known device like Amazon echo, Google home, etc. The team is working hard to increase the number of supported devices. Hence, we might see a wide variety of supported devices in the future.

Spotify vs Pandora: Conclusion

Pandora is currently inner transition phase and has to cover a lot to come near about Spotify. Spotify is an undisputed leader in the music streaming category. It has a vast social media presence because of its amazing features like motion playlist. Whenever people make new friends at college is the exchange in the Spotify playlist to know more about each other. Hence, Spotify helps you to connect with people. Additionally, Spotify is cheaper compared to Pandora, in terms of the yearly package. Moreover, the playlist and music of demand list of Spotify are far larger than that of Pandora. Hence, on comparing Spotify vs Pandora, we find Spotify as an undisputed champion.

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