AMD vs Intel: Why Are The AMD Gaming CPUs Becoming Popular?

AMD vs Intel: Why Are The AMD Gaming CPUs Becoming Popular?

               Why Are AMD CPUs Better, AMD vs Intel: – Intel and AMD are the two largest gaming CPU manufacturing companies. There is no doubt that Intel has dominated the entire CPU and processor mark it since its existence. However, things have started changing with the launch of a new series of gaming CPUs from AMD. Intel has started losing its market share to AMD. It is being observed that AMD is outranking Intel when it comes to gaming CPU. But why exactly are people buying AMD gaming CPUs over the popular Intel processors? We have tried to analyze and compare AMD vs Intel to put down the possible reasons.

Why is AMD Outperforming Intel in the Gaming CPU Range?

As per market reports, AMD has already captured a major market share of Intel. AMD had a 66% sales figure in May 2019 compared to the 34% figure which Intel clocked. The sale of AMD gaming CPUs is on a constant rise. However, both AMD and Intel saw an increase in the sales figure for Processors. It seems that the pain has just started for Intel because AMD will start selling its Ryzen 3000 series from July 2019.

AMD vs Intel


Pricing is a very important factor to keep in mind while comparing AMD vs Intel. AMD is focused and develops only gaming CPUs. The company has recently launched the third generation Ryzen CPU. Gaming is a woman sector and everyone knows that the sector is going to for the expansion in the future. Hence, the need for a good and durable Gaming CPU will also increase. Intel is losing out the battle because of the higher price range and general usage. The upcoming Ryzen 3000 CPU is very powerful and it can uproot the market share of Intel i9 processor. You will be surprised to know that the AMD 3rd Gen CPU will be available for only $499. Whereas, Intel i9 starts from $999.

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The revenue of both companies is somewhat similar. But how is this possible? It is completely possible because AMD is just selling the gaming CPUs. Whereas, Intel has a good diversification of products. Intel is the largest of core processors. It sells more i7 and i9 processors compared to the CPUs sold by AMD. Moreover, the price of these Intel processors is almost double to the price of Ryzen series. Hence, the revenue is similar at the end of the year. AMD is an affordable company which provides good quality products at a low price.

Range Of CPU

AMD is the best choice for Gaming CPU. According to the reports, they sold 2nd Gen Ryzen most in the last year. 71% of sold products were 2nd Gen CPU. 18% were Ryzen 2000 APU, 10% Ryzen 1000 CPUs and 1% HEDT CPUs. The 3rd generation CPU is also coming next month. The 3rd generation AMD CPU will be a game changer because it is going to be affordable. It will be efficient and powerful and will give major competition to the high-end Intel processors.

AMD vs Intel: Conclusion

In our comparison of AMD vs Intel, we found out that AMD is constantly growing its market share because of affordable pricing. Moreover, gaming CPU demand is constantly growing and it will grow at a faster rate in the upcoming years. Hence, AMD is all set to launch the 3rd GEN CPU wedges going to help the company even better. Intel is great when it comes to processes. It is the most trusted company and has very efficient and powerful products. However, the price of these products are on the higher side and quite expensive compared to those available in the market. Hence, users can switch to AMD for better specifications at a lower price.

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