iPhone 11: Latest Leaks And Rumours; Everything You Need To Know!

  The rumors of iPhone 11 have already begun. iPhone XS and XS max have not even been in the market for 2 months now. The new iPhone is almost 10 months away and rumors have started building up. It is an old tradition that Apple launches all devices annually in September. Everyone loves the rumors and leaks, no one can deny this fact. Therefore, today we are up with the release date, Specs, and looks of the new iPhone 11.

iPhone 11: Release Date

As usual, the iPhone 11 will also be launched in September. However, the exact date is not known yet. But we expect it to be 12th September 2019. We say this by comparing the trends of previous years.

iPhone 11: Leaks & Rumours


The only significant change we know in the iPhone 11, is the screen type. There is a rumor that iPhone 11 will have a curved screen. Unlike Samsung devices, these curves will be on the upper side. This is the most significant change that you will see in the iPhone series.

It has been leaked that there will be three iPhones launching this year. One will be big and another will be a smaller version. The third one will be a cheaper version, just like iPhone XR this year. iPhone 11 is rumored to have a screen size of 6.7 inches and the smaller version to be 6.2 inches. Whereas, the cheaper version is rumored to have a 6-inches screen.

The iPhone are you more to come out in 3 different colors. Red, blue and yellow is what we know till now. However, it’s too early to comment. Both the versions of iPhone 11 will have its flagship, OLED Screen. Whereas, the cheaper one will come with an LCD screen.

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iOS 12 is rumored to be launched globally along with the iPhone 11. Hence, the new iPhone will come with iOS 12 in-box. However iOS 12 might not have many changes in design. Maybe, we will see upgradation in Apple’s bionic chipset. A12 was launched recently with the new iPhone XS and XS max.

The major competitor of iPhone is Samsung Galaxy Note series. The premium flagship of Samsung, the Galaxy Note 10 is set to launch in January 2019. The specifications and looks of this new Samsung device will have a deep impact on shaping the new iPhone coming up in September 2019.


The latest leak that we got from a trusted source is that the iPhone 11, will be having an in-screen fingerprint sensor. Earlier, the fingerprint sensor was not in-screen. Also, the face id technology is supposed to change. Earlier, Apple used the dot matrix Technology and not they are set to use a different kind of laser for detection. Therefore, a better AR quality and faster recognition are expected. The iPhone 11 will also have a 3D designing module in the rear.


It’s too early to comment on the camera specification. However, it is confirmed that the iPhone 11 will have triple lens Technology, something which is already seen in Huwaei p20 pro.


Apple doesn’t reveal much about their internal chips. The only known change for the iPhone 11, is the A13 chipset which is rumored to be combined with 6gb Ram. However, much is not known about the internal specifications of the device. The storage is expected to be 128 GB for the flagship version and 64Gb for the base version.

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These are all the leaks and rumors about iPhone 11 we know as of now. More than 10 months to go, and we expect leaks to come out as time passes. We will update all the latest leaks, rumors about the specifications design and functioning of the new iPhone 11. Meanwhile, you can read the leaks and rumors of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 which is just 2 months away from us.

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