What Is RCS Messaging? Here Is Everything You Need To Know!

What Is RCS Messaging? Here Is Everything You Need To Know!

              RCS Messaging: SMS the oldest form of text communication used best smartphone users. However, there are many flaws in SMS like it doesn’t support emoticons and modern-day stickers. Additionally, it limits the size as well. Hence, SMS is a disappointment for most users. However, it has been found that more than 90% of smartphone users still used as a mess for communicating with some people. Therefore, the concept of this cannot be ruled out completely. Hence, the companies are working together the two come of a new inter telecom messaging into a new system called Rich Community Services (RCS).

RCS is correctly said to be the success of SMS. The telecom companies of working together to create a platform which will remove the need of SMS and will combine messaging applications like iMessage and WhatsApp together. Google has also recently launched the chatting service in the united kingdoms stating that just platform will help you send messages even before your telecom rolls out the RCS. Hence, users can experience the technology used in Google chats. There are some questions including the need of Internet and others. Thus, we are going to explain everything about RCS and how it is going to be a game changer.

What is RCS Messaging?

Rich Community Services is the all-new protocol which will replace SMS. The so which was introduced by a group in 2007 and it was presented to GSM. However, career participation and other factors resulted in a delay in implementing this system in real time. Google has also been working on this protocol for quite a time now. In 2018, Google launched chats in association with all the carriers around the world. Chats is the new protocol which will replace SMS. They call the RCS protocol a revolution in the smartphone industry.

Features of RCS

RCS will look like any other social messaging application like WhatsApp or iMessage. The interface will be somewhat similar and it will allow the users to form groups and send videos as well as high-resolution images and audio files. It will also have the feature to check out if the person has read your message and to see the notification while he is typing.

The protocol has a lot of features and this is evident from the Google chats app which is quite amazing. Google has been working with different companies in order to roll out the business solution along with RCS. The new protocol allows sending messages and like notifications to the travelers and also allows the users to select their seats in real time for traveling.

How will Chats work?

RCS is basically and inter telecom communication channel which allows communicating without the need of internet. Currently, the RCS protocol can be found only and Google charts and Samsung chat. This seems to be limiting and it really is. There number of factors working behind as well. For instance, users must have a carrier which supports the RCS protocol. Moreover, he should also have a smartphone which supports chats. Other than this, the receiver must also have a compatible smartphone with similar features or else the protocol will return the SMS to you.

When is it coming?

This has remained a mysterious question for about a decade. However, it seems that Google is taking the initiative to make this protocol live in the market. They have already announced to take over the service in the United Kingdom and France. Hence, Google will be rolling out RCS instead of carriers. We also expect that Android Smartphones will come with inbuilt Google charts instead of the standard messaging applications found now.

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