OnePlus 7 Pro: Design, Display, Specifications, And Detailed Review

               OnePlus 7 Pro Detailed Review: One of the most awaited Smartphones of 2019 has been finally launched. OnePlus 7 has been finally revealed and it now comes in two variant. However, we will talk only about the OnePlus 7 Pro because it is the standard version which is going to be launched in the maximum countries. The device is more costly compared to OnePlus 6t and OnePlus 6. However, the price difference is not much and therefore, we have reviewed OnePlus 7 Pro to explain all the new features and design that has been used on this latest device.

OnePlus 7 Pro Review

OnePlus 7 Pro: Design, Display, Specifications, And Detailed Review


OnePlus has been known for not repeating the same design in any smartphone. Following the principles, the company has come up with a completely new design on the latest OnePlus 7 Pro. The smartphone comes with a full-screen display without any kind of notch. There is a pop-up selfie camera at the top and a triple lens camera set up at the back. Moreover, the bezels are relatively thinner and the all-new design looks great. Therefore, the new device from the company is superior to all other rivals Smartphones available in the same range in terms of design.


OnePlus 7 Pro has the greatest display of all time. It is the first time when the companies using a QHD+ display on a device. This makes the display really amazing. Moreover, the company has introduced a 90Hz screen. This means that the smartphone screen will refresh itself 90 times in a second. This is a big leap compared to the 60hz screen rate found on the predecessors. There is no doubt that the new device has a killer display which makes it one of the best displays available in this range. The colours seem to be brighter and more natural because of the 90Hz display.

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OnePlus 7 Pro is powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. Snapdragon 855 is the latest and most advanced Qualcomm chipset available in the smartphone industry currently. The device has been launched in 3 variants which are coupled with 6gb, 8GB, and 12 GB RAM respectively. However, there are only two variances if we see the storage. This is the first time that OnePlus has used the USF 3.0 technology in its device. All old devices have conventional USF 2.0. Hence, the storage transfer on the new device will be lightning-fast with the new specification and Technology. We have also compared OnePlus 6 vs OnePlus 6T vs OnePlus 7 to find out the best device.


The new device comes with 4000 MAH battery and USB type c charging port. There yes no wireless charging as usual. However, the in-hand review of OnePlus 7 Pro leaves it in a disastrous state if we check out the battery life. Even after having a bigger battery compared to all the predecessors, Oneplus 7 is unable to output a better battery life. It seems that the battery life of the new device has taken a big hit because of the larger screen and faster refresh rate. It is hardly able to output 6 to 7 hours screen on time. Hence, it has disappointed all the users a lot.

OnePlus 7 Pro: Bottom Line

Overall, OnePlus 7 is a great device and it is completely worth $649. There has been a great upgradation in terms of display, design, and specifications as well. The only disappointing feature that we found on the device is the battery life. It is not at all good choice for a person who requires a long battery life. However, we do expect that oneplus will roll out an update in order to make the battery more sustainable. Besides the battery, there is no doubt that the new device is going to rock the market. Hence, it is a great choice if you want to upgrade.

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