OnePlus 6T vs Honor View 20: Which Is The Best Camera Smartphone?

OnePlus 6T vs Honor View 20: Which Is The Best Camera Smartphone?

            There has been a tough competition between the flagship devices in the mid-range. The most popular flagship mid-range smartphones include OnePlus 6T and Honor View 20. Both smartphones have unlimited features and are available at a pretty affordable rate compared to their specifications. A good camera is in constant demand by all smartphone users, be it in the budget or mid-range segment. Hence, we are going to compare the latest flagship devices in the mid-range to find out which has the best camera output. Today we will compare OnePlus 6T vs Honor View 20.

When we put both the smartphones against each other, the camera is one of the major concern for most smartphone users. Honor View 20 has become very famous because of its amazing camera. It has been in news and its the camera is being compared to all high-end devices like iPhone and Pixel 3. On the other hand, OnePlus 6T has also been in use because of the amazing specifications at a significantly low price. So let’s find out if the cameras on both the devices are similar in performance or not.

OnePlus 6T vs Honor View 20

The Camera

OnePlus 6T has a dual camera set up on the rear side and a front facing camera as well. The rear side contains a 20 megapixel + 16-megapixel camera. Both have f/1.7 and other features like motion stability, optical image stabilization, and a night mode. On the other hand, Honor View 20 also has a single camera setup. The camera lens has been connected by the 3D time of flight sensor. This sensor helps in measuring the depth and distance between both the camera pictures. Hence, it significantly improved picture quality. It has a 48 MP Sony f/1.8 camera. Moreover, it has all the sensors including optical stabilizers and various modes, including the night mode. We will father going to the details of the artificial intelligence sensor in the camera of Honor View 20.

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We tried clicking some pictures in the daylight. However, we were shocked to see the result of both smartphone cameras. Generally, devices in the same price range have a little or no difference in the camera output. But in this case, we found out a huge gap between the pictures clicked by both the devices. The picture which was taken from Honor View 20 looked stunning and was able to highlight each and every detail of the colours. Moreover, the contrast between the colours are amazing and looked brilliant.

On the other, OnePlus 6T posted a picture which was below our expectation. Overall, the picture quality was good,  however, the picture quality was overexposed and seemed completely edited. This is why we selected the picture clicked on the Honor View 20. The single-camera of the smartphone was able to defeat the duel lens set up on the OnePlus 6T smartphone.


Both OnePlus 6T and Honor View 20 have a dedicated night mode to capture pictures and low light intensity. Honor View 20 once again takes on the camera of OnePlus 6T. This is because the picture clicked by this device was extremely detailed and displayed the picture as per the scenario exactly. OnePlus 6T was also able to give out a decent looking picture. However, it was it was a bit overexposed and it seemed that snow filter has been used in the picture. On the other hand, the picture clicked by Honor View 20 was absolutely unique and original. The Colorado of the picture seemed perfectly in line with the background.

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OnePlus 6T vs Honor View 20: Which Is The Best Camera Smartphone?

In our comparison, we found out that the 48-megapixel camera of Honor View 20 was able to click much more interesting pictures compared to the camera of OnePlus 6T. Hence, the single-camera of this device was able to take on the dual camera set up of OnePlus 6T.

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