How To Download And Install TweakBox On iOS Devices?

How To Download And Install TweakBox On iOS Devices?

      TweakBox is one of the most famous application to download tweaked and hacked applications on iPhone, iPad and all other iOS devices. It is a one-stop solution for Downloading all those applications which are not available officially on the App Store. TweakBox is exclusively available for iOS devices. There are many applications which are not listed on the app store because of privacy or some other rules violation. However, search applications can be useful for some people. TweakBox is the place where you will find all search applications in one place. Below are the steps to Download the tweak box application on your iOS device.

Everyone is well aware of the Mod applications which allow users to play hack games for free on the device. TweakBox will help you to download all search tweaked and modded applications and games on your iOS device without any trouble. Moreover, the best thing about TweakBox is that you can download it on any iOS device without jailbreaking it. Hence, you will get all the features of Cydia without even jailbreaking your device.

Features of TweakBox App


Unlike any third party application, TweakBox works at a very fast rate. The response time of the application is very very less, just like any other app from the app store. Hence, you can find the file you want instantly. Moreover, the network speed is also very good. This allows the users to download the files from the app at a faster rate.


The interface is very basic and easy to use. Even new users can use this application easily without any trouble. There detailed features in the applications which will allow you to download an application for free. Tweaked tools and games can be easily searched by using the search option.

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No Jailbreak required

The best part about the tweakBox application has that you do not have to jailbreak your device in order to download that. Hence, you can avail all features of jailbreak without actually doing so.

Download tweaked tools

Using TweakBox you can download any two it tools and Mod games absolutely free of cost. You can event download Windows apps and third-party software which are not available on the Apple Store.

Download TweakBox On iOS Devices

Downloading TweakBox is very simple on any iOS device. There is no need to follow the complicated steps mentioned on other platforms by jailbreaking your iOS device. You simply need to follow the IPA file procedure given below. You can enjoy downloading unlimited games and other applications and tools using this application. Hence, you should download this amazing application right now using the procedure given below.

  • Go to any developers website for downloading TweakBox IPA file.
  • Once the TweakBox IPA file is downloaded on your device, you will get a prompt.
  • Click on the install button and you will be taken to the settings of a device
  • Enter the password and select trust anyway option and proceed
  • No simply install the application by following the instructions given on screen.

Is TweakBox Safe?

As mentioned earlier, TweakBox is not an official application and is not available on the app store because of policy violations. Moreover, you might know that any mode of application will never be 100% safe to download. However, it will not cause any major issue with your device as you do not have to jailbreak it. Moreover, the tweaked tools which you will be using on your device why are this application will be completely safe. This is because there is no limitation of downloading any software on your device by any company. Hence, you can download this TweakBox file on your iOS device easily without any problem.

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