Samsung Galaxy Tab S5 Spotted; Here Are The Leaks And Rumours

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5 Spotted; Here Are The Leaks And Rumours

                Samsung Galaxy Tab S5: It seems that Samsung is not only planning to launch Note 10 but also some other devices. According to sources, Samsung is all set to launch another high-end device in August 2019. The device is rumored to be Samsung galaxy tab S5. It has been quite a time now since we have seen Samsung launching its new tablet. So it is almost confirmed that we are going to see Samsung galaxy tab S5 in 2019 itself. Leaks and Rumours have also started coming in, with different sources working for getting the information out.

Not much is known about the device as of now but it is clear that Samsung is preparing for a grand launch and the new Samsung galaxy tab S5 will have a for better specification compared to its predecessor. Samsung wants to come up with the latest tab in order to compete with the iPad. There is an expectation that this will be one of the finest tablets from the company.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5: Leaks & Rumours

As mentioned earlier, the Samsung galaxy tab S5 will be much more powerful compared to the predecessor, Samsung galaxy tab S5e. The last device was powered by a mid-range processor which was not powerful enough. Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e was powered by Snapdragon 670 processor. The latest Samsung Galaxy Tab is going to Geeta world by the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor with Octa Core CPU. Besides, the CPU is going to be coupled with 6gb Ram. Hence, there is no doubt that Samsung is preparing for a massive device.

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As for as, the design of the device is a concern, most people are expecting Samsung to use the latest technology in which will make it that thinnest possible tab in Samsung’s portfolio. It will boast a large 10.5 inches AMOLED display. The storage space is expected to be anywhere between 64 GB and 256 GB.

Samsung will also use a 7000 MAH battery. It is similar to what Samsung used on its predecessor. However, we may see a slight improvement in the battery specification because Snapdragon 855 chipset requires a little high power. However, it is regarded as one of the most efficient and powerful processors in the industry. The tablet will also feature for speakers with Dolby atom support and hardware by AKG.

Till now, there is no clear update about the operating system on which Samsung Galaxy Tab S5 will be running. However, Airtel is quite possible that we will find Android 9.0. Overall, the device is going to be grand because of the slim design and high-end specifications. Get prepared for the launch of Galaxy Tab S5 in this year itself. Besides Note 10, this will be an interesting device to track. We will be back with more details about the Samsung Galaxy Tab once available.

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