PS5 vs Nintendo Switch vs PS4: Which Is The Best Gaming Console?

                PS5 vs Nintendo Switch vs PS4, Best Gaming Console: From the past few years, the trend and craze of gaming have increased the demand for gaming consoles among various gamers and what makes these games more amazing is none other than gaming consoles.

The amazing graphics and great HD quality make these gaming consoles more interesting because of which gamers can have really amazing experience by using these. It is sure that if you are using gaming consoles then your love for the games will increase to the next level.

The Gaming consoles such as PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch has really changed the whole experience and definition of playing games. The leading contenders which have won the heart of the gamers are PS4 and Xbox. PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, on the other hand, are considered to be one of the best 4K gaming consoles right now.

As the craze and demands for the Gaming Consoles have been increasing day by day we have gathered some of the information regarding the features, price, and design of three best gaming consoles. With the help of this article, we are going to compare PS5 vs Nintendo Switch vs PS4 to find out which is the best.

PS5 vs Nintendo Switch vs PS4: Specifications

As every Gaming Console fans must be aware that PS5 is not yet in the market and Sony has not revealed any major information regarding its next-generation console even its launch date, so we are comparing Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 Slim. But we do have some rumors and few of the information regarding PS5 that we would like to share.

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Specifications of Playstation 5

The upcoming CPU of PlayStation 5 is going to be very powerful processing power and it will come up with  A variation of AMD’s third-generation Ryzen line, 8 cores of the new 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture as well as 16 threads at 3.2Ghz as per to the current prediction. It is being highly expected that this Gaming hardware will come up with 24 GB GDDR6 RAM + 4GB DDR4 RAM for the operating system

Graphics are going to be driven by a custom version of Radeon’s Navi line. It is also going to be the first gaming console to support 8K graphics with a GPU, Radeon’s Navi family variant. This graphics chip is going to support ray tracing, a bit which is commencing to turn out to be popular in movies as well as video games. As per to the recent prediction, the hardware is coming up with 14.6 teraflops of computing power as well as Ray Tracing Graphics.

PS5 vs Nintendo Switch vs PS4: Which Is The Best Gaming Console?

Nintendo Switch vs PlayStation 4 Slim: Spec

Spec Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4 Slim
Dimensions 10 × 4.2 × 0.5 inches 11.3 × 10.4 × 1.5 inches
Weight 0.65 pounds 4.62 pounds
Processor GPU/CPU: “Nvidia customized Tegra” CPU: 8-core x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”

GPU: 1.84 TFLOPS AMD Radeon

Storage 32GB of flash storage (expandable through microSD) 500GB removable hard drive
A/V output HDMI out HDMI out
I/O output 1 USB-C, USB 3.0, USB 2.0 X 2 2 Super-Speed USB 3.1
Communication Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, LAN with adapter Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0
Controller Joy-Con or Pro Controller DualShock 4 or PlayStation Move
HDR No Yes
4K No No
Built-in screen 1280 × 720 No
Battery life Up to six hours, nine hours on the newer model. N/A
Physical media Proprietary cartridge Blu-ray disc
Availability $299 From Walmart $350 From Amazon
DT review 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5 stars

PS5 vs Nintendo Switch vs PS4: Performance

The PlayStation 4 has turned out to be one of the greatest game consoles that have been ever created since it launches which was held in the year 2013, comprising of an extraordinary lineup of games, amazing social features, as well as a huge community of players.

Taking its low price at consideration along with a continuous stream of software support makes it an impressive addition to any gamer’s collection.

The Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, is a half gen gaming console which was launched back in the year 2017, it is powered by an Nvidia customized Tegra, shared with GPU. The NS has burst onto the scene as an unexpectedly well-known force to be counted with. It is good to play 3rd party games but if you compare its texture quality to PlayStation 4 then it is surely not so good. Its portability gives it an exclusive advantage that the PS4 merely cannot imitate.

While the PS4 offers amazing gaming experience to its gamers along with the good quality of videos, graphics as well as fast browsing.

Without even knowing much details of PS5, we can still say that it will be a larger leap over the PS4 such as the PS4 leap over the PS3. More information about the console will be provided after its launch.

PS5 vs Nintendo Switch vs PS4: Price

If the price is concerned, there is a huge difference between Nintendo Switch and PS4. The price for PS4 is at approx 336$ on Amazon while the Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, is available to buy for $300 on Walmart.

As we have earlier said, Sony has not given any statement regarding how much its new console is going to cost, but the upcoming Playstation 5 is expected to be an expensive release in the era of gaming console. While some reports say that the PS5’s price is going to be attractive to gamers. Mark Cerny, the lead architect of the PS4 who is at present working on its successor said on this concern, “I believe that we will be able to release it at an SRP [suggested retail price] that will be appealing to gamers in light of its advanced feature set,”

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