Xbox One Game Deals Are Live, Find All Offers Here!

Xbox One Game Deals Are Live, Find All Offers Here!

              Microsoft is now rolling out some amazing discount offers for Xbox Live Gold Subscribers. This discount offer will be live today and users will get a discount on some big titles of 2018. The deal is valid for Xbox One and Xbox 360 customers. There will be a discount on big games like Red Redemption 2 and Warner Bros series of Lego. Moreover, some attractive discounts are also placed on Rockstar Games including grand theft Auto. Hence, you must not miss the Xbox One game deals.

The new discount offer might be to boost the demand for games which are rapidly going down. There has been much news that the sale of games across the consoles including Xbox and Nintendo switch is going down drastically. Some people concerned with this matter sad that piracy is a major concern for the gaming industry and has more and more games are getting leaked on the PC, people are buying lesser games from the stores. Hence, this sale will help the users to grab some amazing discount on the existing products. You might have read the news where the sales of Far Cry New Dawn has fallen by almost 86%. Hence, a boost is very important in this situation.

All Xbox One Game Deals

Xbox gold subscribers can now buy the rockstar Western games for just $40.19. It exclaimed as one of the best games by Rockstar and therefore, you must grab this game during the Xbox one game sale. Additionally, Gold subscribers can buy EA Football Games at $15. Thronebreaker is now available for $22.49 only. Forsaken, by Destiny he is one of the most popular titles of 2018 and it is on sale right now. Gold users can now download Forsaken for just $20. Hence, this is one of the hottest Xbox One game deals.

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As mentioned earlier, a number of Rockstar games on sale for Xbox 360. Xbox gold subscribers can now download grand theft Auto v and Max Payne 3 for just $10 per piece. Besides, one of the best games based on detectives, La Noire is available for $9. Bully Scholarship Edition is available for just $6. Sniper Ghost Warrior and Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 is available for just $2.24 and $5.24 respectively.

Microsoft Xbox One game deals are also present for non-gold subscribers. Non-Gold subscribers can now download some games at an attractive discount. The discount offer across the entire Lego series is valid for non-gold subscribers as well. Lego City Undercover is a very popular game which is closely related to the grand theft Auto games. It is now available only for $15 a piece. Moreover, The Lego Harry Potter series is now down to $24. Some latest Lego titles Like The Lego DC Supervillain is available for $30. Hence, the Xbox One game deals are amazing and available for both gold and non-gold subscribers.

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