Far Cry New Dawn Review; Not That Good & Sales Drop 86%

Far Cry New Dawn Review

Ubisoft seems keen to roll out games as soon as they are tested and finished. First Cry New Dawn is out in the market, just a few months after the launch of Far Cry Primal and it’s direct predecessor, Far Cry 5. The Far Cry New Dawn seems to be amazing gaming, however, it has not been well received by the community. The game seems to be a bit complicated compared to the other versions. We have posted the entire Far Cry New Dawn review below.

Far Cry New Dawn Review

You are back to Montana with the Far Cry New Dawn. However, it is now a completely different place altogether. The nuclear war has blown up everything and now the Government is also not present. Some communities have started agriculture to restart their lives. The dead city is dressed in a pink color.

You are basically a silent savior of the farmers and individual who is being looted and exploited by some gangs. These gangs are basically your enemies and you have to save the poor farmers.  You get tools from a number of places to attack the rivals. The world of pink flowers is waiting for your justice. You have to turn the wheels around and save the city. Additionally, you will get outposts as you proceed with assassinations. Then there are expeditions which keep on getting more and more difficult.

Expedition and outposts are the brightest things in the New Dawn. The player can customize his gender and race. Some major new characters are introduced in the new Far Cry game. Besides the new characters, there are a number of old ones from Far Cry 5. Moreover, a number of new launchers are introduced in the game making it more attractive. For instance, a Saw Launcher is present introduced which is capable of firing blades of the saw.

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The player embarks on a treasure hunt and recaptures outposts captured by the enemies. Besides, the vehicles and crafts which you can use on them are impressive.  You can go on expeditions and travel to various places in the United States.

Far Cry New Dawn Sales

Far Cry new Dawn sales are down 86% compared to its directors as a Far cry 5 which was released a year ago. Moreover, Far cry new Dawn is having a hard time when it comes to the retail numbers. The retail sales have gone down significantly compared the event to its spin-off, Far Cry primal. It has sold only about a quarter of what first cry primal did in the same period. Hence, it can be seen how the new game is being received in the market. Moreover, this data doesn’t include digital copies sold. Additionally, the data is limited only to the United Kingdom.

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