Google Stadia vs Shadow: Which Is The Best Game Streaming Service?

Google Stadia vs Shadow: Which Is The Best Game Streaming Service?

                  Google Stadia vs Shadow: Game streaming is becoming a really big revolution. Almost all Tech companies have already started working or offering a game streaming service. The latest entries in the segment have been made by Google. Google Stadia promises to come up with a revolution in the game streaming service. Currently, Blade’s shadow is the most popular game streaming service which has plenty of features to offer to its subscribers. So can Google stadia beat Blade’s shadow? We have compared Google Stadia vs Shadow to find out the best game streaming service online.

Google Stadia vs Shadow

Supported Platforms

Stadia and Shadow after getting to completely different groups. However, the basic business model of game streaming remains the same. Google Stadia will be supported by any device which is currently compatible with Chrome. Hence, you can run this software on any device which supports Chrome. Google will make the login process very easy and users can do it using the Google account itself. Stadia ensures that users can switch between devices anytime and every time they want without losing the data. This is because the game is synced across all the devices simultaneously using the Google account.

Blade’s shadow doesn’t support instant gaming across the platforms. It is necessary to install and update the game on the remote PC and then you can try it out on any other devices like television and other consoles. However, The basic idea remains the same. Once you have downloaded and update the app on the remote PC, you can switch between devices easily without losing the data. Besides, Shadow also claims that you can run the display of the game simultaneously on two or more devices. But it isn’t as diverse as Google stadia.

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Streaming Quality

The streaming quality will depend on the service you are using. It practically depends upon your internet speed and the resolution of the screen that you are using for the streaming service. Google Stadia will support 4K streaming at HDR with 60 frames per second which are similar to bought Xbox One X is capable of doing. Users will have to get an Internet connection with the download speed of at least 35 Mbps in order to stream on this configuration. Anything lower will drag the quality to 720p.

On the other hand, Shadow says that the configuration and quality will depend upon the specification of the device to which they are connected. However, then sure a 4K 60 frames per second streaming. The Best Internet connection speed must be at least 15 MBPS to run on this configuration.


Google has not yet made the game plan official. It is still a mystery that how will The gamers connect to the game and what amount will they have to pay. However, most techies believe that some high-end games can be accessed directly from the library. Some AAA titles will also be launched. This is completely different from what Shadow has got to offer. Shadow works like Nvidia GeForce Now. It allows you to play any game which has been installed on your PC. It supports all the third party softwares like steam and origin. Hence, you can choose the game of your choice available on your PC and play them easily.

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Google Stadia vs Shadow: Conclusion

In our comparison of Google Stadia vs Shadow, we found out Google Stadia is a better option. This is in accordance with the fact that Google Stadia will be available for $10/month. Shadow is available for $129/year. Moreover, Google stadia will also offer all the games for free if you buy the subscription pack.

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