Here Is How Pubg, Fortnite And Apex Legends Appeal To Different Players

                 Battle Royale games are the most trending categories of the game currently. Pubg, fortnite and apex legend are the three master games which are in huge demand. The unique gameplay of these three games has attracted a lot of players from across the world. Moreover, they have broken many records and have become one of the most played games ever launched. They have taken over the video games too.

They deeply cut into each others viewership when we look at the twitch data. Newzoo, the industry intelligence firm, Focused on players from three different countries. The actions of players from the US, China and Germany were observed. It was found that the three Battle Royale games for an increase in the number of total audiences significantly.

They did have some crossovers in each others game and in others like battlefield and overwatch. However, the competition between fortnite, pubg, and apex legends are for from the zero-sum. The report of the intelligence firm indicated that at least 59% of the viewers stick to a particular game out of these three popular battle royals.

It is evident of the fact that people are aware of the differences in the game. They come and view the game because of distinct features. The viewers are aware of the gameplay of each game and how they are different from each other.

The report suggested that the fortnite viewers liked the in-game social activities. Whereas, Pubg viewers love watching the team cooperation and how a team forms to who killed the opponent. On the other hand, Apex legends viewers like the title’s pacing. Hence, all the viewers have a distinct reason for watching these streams.

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Platforms matter

It was also found that the viewers also stick to a particular format and platform when it comes to streaming. Therefore, the streaming platform also matters a lot. Zooming into the statistics of u.s. streamers, it was found that most viewers were inclined towards fortnite which is played mostly on the consoles. On the other hand, Apex legends and pubg are played on PC and mobile respectively.

Fortnite was the first game to offer free gameplay on the console. The best part is that it offers cross-platform gameplay which means that users having Xbox and PlayStation can play multiplayer together.

It is also suggested that the players were never the same. Most fortnite players have a wall from Call of Duty. On the other hand, apex legends and pubg players have evolved from overwatch and battlefield respectively. Hence, the report States how distinct the fan base and player base of three Battle Royale games are. They are highly dominant in their category and they may not allow any further game to enter into this category.

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