Samsung Galaxy Note 10: Latest News, Leaks, Rumours And Pricing

Samsung Galaxy Note 10: Latest News, Leaks, Rumours And Pricing

              Samsung Galaxy Note 10: Now that Samsung has officially launched Galaxy S10, it is time to focus on the latest upcoming OEM, Galaxy Note 10. It is a common observation that Samsung launch is the S series smartphone earlier in the year with powerful specifications and decent design. While they launch the Galaxy Note smartphone later in the year. Hence, it is expected that Samsung is soon coming up with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Hence, we tried collecting information and details about the specifications of the smartphone which is coming later in 2019.

There are a lot of rumors and leaks coming in about the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone. This is quite similar to the development we saw before the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and other series smartphones. Many analysts have been working behind the scene to find out the exact specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note 10. We have come up with some latest leaks and rumors about the Smartphone and you must keep a track on them.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Code name and Release Date

According to sources, Samsung has code-named Galaxy Note 10 as ‘Da Vinci.’ Moreover, the model number given to the device is SM-N975F. It is strongly expected that Samsung is going to name the device the Galaxy Note 10. This is because of the fact that they have already launched a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet back in 2019 with Android 4.0 KitKat. Hence, the company would like to avoid the marketing confusions which will be created by the similar naming.

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It is also expected that there will be more than one variant in the lineup. The higher variant will be named as Pro or plus which is in accordance with what Samsung does with the S series. Irrespective of the name that the smartphone comes up with, the release date is a big concern for the customers. So when is Samsung Galaxy Note 10 releasing? We how sources telling us that the date has been confirmed and it is August 7th, 2019. Galaxy Note 9 was announced on 9th August.


Samsung faced a lot of criticism because of the similar designs found on Samsung Galaxy S9 and note 9. This what’s the reason why there is designed the S10 model. There word significant changes like the addition of the punch hole and a triple lens camera at the back side. Similarly, we do expect that major redesigning will happen with the Galaxy Note 10. We expect that the smartphone will be having the infinity display and a triple lens camera setup. Moreover, there will be thinner bezels and an in-display fingerprint sensor.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will support the stylus S Pen. The company has improved the S Pen a lot by adding the Bluetooth feature which increases the compatibility. It is almost known that Galaxy Note 10 will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor along with 8GB RAM for higher. Moreover, it will also have more than 128 GB of storage space. We expect that there will be two variants of the device and you will be given the option to choose between the Ram and storage Variants.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Price

There is no doubt that the Note series is the most expensive flagship of the company. As we expect two devices to be launched under the note 10 name, the price is will vary. We do not know the exact figures as of now but one thing is sure, that it is not going to be cheap. Samsung Galaxy note 9 was rolled out at the base price of $1000 and went up to $1250. Hence, the video does not expect Note 10 to be priced anywhere below $1199. Therefore, you should start collecting the money from now itself if you want to order it after the launch.

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