Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Prices, Features And Hands-On Review

           The most awaited Samsung Galaxy S10 is officially launched at the Mobile World Congress 2019 at Barcelona, Spain. Customers and Tech enthusiast from around the world for waiting eagerly for the launch of this new 5G device. Now we finally have the device and we are going to put forth a live Review of this Samsung Galaxy S10 5G smartphone. The flagship killer why Samsung is going to put a hole in your pocket, however, it will keep you ahead of everyone else. So if you have been eagerly waiting for the Review of Samsung Galaxy S10, here it is.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Hands-on Review

Gorgeous Display

The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G smartphone looks gorgeous and has a huge 6.7 inches display which makes it a look taller and wider, compared to the 6.4-inches Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. It has substantially thin bezels which make the display look amazing. The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G has the same body of note 9 with a slightly larger screen. Additionally, the smartphone seems to be a bit heavier compared to the lower variants, considering the fact that it has additional hardware components to support 5G.

The device has a dynamic AMOLED display which is capable of outputting 3040 × 1440 pixels. Moreover, it has the new Samsung infinity o display, which means that you will find a punch hole in the screen containing the selfie camera. Overall, 5G Technology will keep you much ahead of all other devices and there is no compromise in the look and feel of a premium device.

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There is no device in the market currently which can compete with the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. It is powered by the most modern Snapdragon 855 processor along with 12GB Ram. Moreover, the device is available in two variants considering the difference in storage space. The two variants are 512 GB and 1TB respectively. Additionally, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor is the most powerful processor available in the industry as of now.

All the Samsung Galaxy S10 variants are powered by the same process, so what makes the 5G variant different from others? The Snapdragon X50 modem which is capable of switching between 4G LTE and 5G is what marks the difference. This modem is unavailable on any other variants of the S10 model. Hence, the smartphone can speed up between 1 GBPS and 10 GBPS. Once 5G is rolled out Completely, you will be much ahead of any other device available in the market as of now.

Time Of Flight Camera

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G has the same camera as the Samsung Galaxy S10 plus with some minor upgrade. It has the same triple lens camera. One lens focuses on Ultra wide shots, other is a standard lens, while, the third one is a telephoto lens. Additionally, the front cameras are also the same. It has the same dual front face camera with Time of Flight (ToF) sensor. The camera is capable of capturing some amazing and astounding 4k pictures in Portrait mode.

We tried out capturing some shots and videos. All the pictures and videos were amazing and it was capable of capturing high quality focused images both from the front and rear camera. You can even use the focus mode while capturing a video. The only bad thinking about the device is that some sunset not introduce new standards of face lock, like iPhones.

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Pricing is the major factor which will put a deep hole in your pocket. The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is expected to cost more than $1000. This is expected in accordance with the price range of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. It will go on sale in the second quarter of 2019.

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