These Are The 5 Best Airpods Alternatives Compatible With Both Android And iOS

These Are The 5 Best Airpods Alternatives Compatible With Both Android And iOS

                Best Airpods Alternatives: Apple was the first smartphone company to launch a completely wireless hearing device. They shook the industry when the new iPhone was launched without a 3.5 mm jack socket. This was the first move made by any smartphone company in order to make wireless earphones popular. Apple also introduces its own Airpods. However, airpods are not really great for people who are not limited to iOS devices. People want wireless your phone which is compatible with thought only iOS devices but all other operating systems. Hence, we have come up with the best airpods alternatives.

Best Airpods Alternatives

1. Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung Galaxy buds are one of the best airpods alternatives. It has been recently launched by Samsung in order to take on airpods. The Samsung Galaxy birds are really amazing and it has an amazing sound quality because of the high-quality speakers used. It also has a 6 hours long rigid battery life which is sufficient for day to day work. The best part about Samsung Galaxy buds is that it doesn’t charge you additional money for the wireless charger. On the other hand, Apple charges an additional cost for the airpods charger. Another great difference is that Samsung wireless earbuds are compatible with both Android and IOS devices. It is available for just $127.

2. Jabra Elite Active

Jabra Elite Active is another addition to our list of best airpods alternatives. It is regarded as one of the best all-rounder wireless earbuds. It is because of the fact that it has an amazing sound quality and noise cancellation mechanism. Moreover, battery life is quite good and it also has IP 56 water and dust resistant rating. This makes it one of the most Elite choices.  The device has managed to score as much as 9 out of 10 in most reviews. It is available for $150.

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3. Nuheara Intelligent Earbuds

This is another great wireless earphone which got 9 out of 10 in our review. It is a great device for music lovers as well as people who like to keep the sound low by travelling. It has an enhanced speaker with noise cancellation mechanism. If you are looking for airpods alternative, this can be one of the most suitable options. The pricing is a bit on the higher side and is available for $200. It is available on online retailing websites like Amazon. Hence, you can buy this device and enjoy the service on both iPhones and Android devices.

4. Sennheiser True wireless Earbuds

Sennheiser doesn’t require any introduction as a brand. It is no surprise that it builds one of the best airpods alternatives. The wireless earbuds from the company are simply amazing and are loaded with premium features. It is one of the most premium wireless Earbuds. It is a bit expensive and will cost around $300. But it is surely worth the price because it has additional features like auto-detection. The device can automatically sense if it is placed inside the ear or not what. Depending upon this, it plays and pauses the music.

5. Master & Wireless Earbuds

This is another great wireless device which has a soothing sound effect. It is particularly famous because of the sleek design which looks premium. Besides, there are some exclusive features which are available only on this earbuds. The superior quality of the earbud has made it really an amazing choice. It also has a local mic which allows you to communicate with the device which it is paired with. This is the best alternative to the “Hey Siri” feature provided by the Apple airpods. It is available for just $299. You can get one from Amazon or the official website of the company.

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