How To Secure Your Accounts With Dashlane Password Manager?

How To Secure Your Accounts With Dashlane Password Manager

                 Dashlane Password Manager is one of the best ways to keep your passwords along with personal information safe as well as easy to access across all your devices.

What is Dashlane Password Manager?

Dashlane Password Manager  is not just a password manager but it is also more than just passwords. It helps in securing stores personal information such as your address, credit card numbers, IDs, or anything else that you need to keep secure as well as accessible.

It combines all the security as well as the accessibility of a best-in-class password manager with a set of added features that are designed to give you more control over your data, keeps you safe online, as well as to make your browsing as continuous and smooth as possible.

Dashlane not only just fixed to this but also it comes with various added features for improving your online security, refining your privacy, as well as browsing better than ever before.

Dashlane Password Manager Features

There are many amazing features of Dashlane Password Manager which are loved by many of its users. some of its features are as follows:

  • The major feature of Dashlane is to share passwords safely as well as conveniently in just a few clicks
  • Create strong and secure passwords with Password Generator
  • Single-tap unlock with your fingerprint
  • It also monitors your account security with Password Health Score.
  • Autofill logins, addresses, payment info, passport details, and many more as you browse
  • Effortlessly update password without any trouble  as an alternative of changing them manually
  • You can organize everything precisely where you need it, synced across devices as well as other platforms.
  • Even tough Dashlane Free might be the best option for some users but Dashlane also offers Premium and Premium Plus options for users whose online security needs are more robust.
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Why Do We Need a Dashlane Password Manager?

Why Do We Need a Dashlane Password Manager

Keeping track of many, unique passwords for personal as well as business-related accounts can be devastating. A recent study found out that there are about 52 percent of respondents use the same password for both personal as well as for their business accounts, and about 68 percent share passwords with colleagues for account access.

As a result, many people and businesses fall into the trap of hackers. But fortunately, Dashlane Password Manager help you out to solve or avoid such inconvenience in advance.

In addition to that, we also know that using public Wi-Fi is more dangerous than using a public restroom. But still, there are most users who do not practice “safe” security methods in order to access online accounts. At that point Dashlane’s VPN app also lets you use any private or else the public Wi-Fi deprived of compromising your security. It does so by using an encrypted, secure tunnel for any details that you’re sending from your device.

Dashlane helps in generating the passwords that are unique, strong and also let you store them for you in an app that is both secure as well as easy to use. If you really want to take your online security seriously, then Dashlane provides you with a total of three solutions to get you started.

Can We Trust the Dashlane Password Manager?

Dashlane Password Manager is trusted worldwide with more than 1 million users all across the globe and  more than 60,000 five-star reviews. Not only this, but Dashlane Password Manager also received many awards & recognition such as PC Mag “Editors’ Choice Award”, Webby Award “People’s Voice Best Mobile Services & Utilities App”, Kiplinger’s “Best Identity Theft Prevention Tools”,’s ”Best for Passwords and Checkouts”, Techlicious ”The Best Security Apps” and many more. Therefore, you can trust the Dashlane Password Manager fully as it is completely secure. 

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Final Verdict

If you are into such business or in any work where you have to share your details online to others then Dashlane is perfect for you. You really need to secure your private details as there might be great chances that your information might get leaked.

The best part of Dashlane is that your account starts with a 30-day free trial of their Premium plan. In this, no credit card will be required. And after that, it’s all up to you, if you love it then keep going with a Dashlane subscription, or switch to Dashlane Free automatically.

Dashlane is without a doubt the best choice for any person who wants a strong password manager. It got amazing features and you would definitely love it after using it.

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